Welcome, Dear One.

Hello, tender soul.

I'm so glad you're here.

As an intuitive coach and shamanic healer, I guide and mentor self-identified women on the cusp of their next iteration.

I seem to work particular magic with women who, on some level, identify as healers.

Sensitive women. Empathic women.

Women who tend to take on more than their fair share of the world's burdens.

Women who know they're here for important work but wrestle with feelings (all the feelings) and challenges that are mostly invisible to others.

Women who are experts at understanding, but rarely feel understood.


These are also strong women, gifted women.

Women with a natural resilience not in spite of, but because of, their sensitivity.

This resilience is something they might not feel consistently yet, but somehow know is their natural state.

(They may be in obvious healing professions--as acupuncturists, therapists, coaches or bodyworkers--or in roles that are not traditionally thought of as healers, but most certainly are--educators, artists, parents, administrators, ministers. Or they might be hiding in unexpected places.)




Are you one of these wise women?

Is your inner world expanding and transforming, while your outer world is still trying to catch up?

Have you done a lot of "work" on yourself and your relationships and you're ready to release, surrender, or find another way moving forward that has more ease and flow?

Is your mind brilliant at problem solving, considering all the facts and watching out for challenges and triggers, but what you really crave is a dose of magic, a healing ritual, a transformative experience that gets you out of your head?

Have you always connected with Earth and her wise and wild ways,

and yearn to deepen your innate intuition and your relationship with plants, animals and elements, and to cultivate a life that naturally flows from this?


Let's find wisdom in both mystical meaning and practical tools.

Our work together will be woven with story and song, prayer and ritual...

...as well as skills for how to set that boundary, write that webpage or get that thing done that you've been wanting to do as long a you can remember.

You will enter into experiences of delight and depth, wonder and magic.

And when we meet, you'll find that I'm a long hugger and deep listener,

comfortable with silence, and quick both to laugh and to cry.


We can connect in beautiful ways.

We can work together one-on-one in Wise Woman Sessions or Body + Soul Rituals.

We can travel together for several months in group journeys like The Wild Empath, or move through sacred seasonal thresholds with experiences like Into the Light and The Cozy Quiet.

Want to say hello? I'd love to hear from you. (You can do that right here.)

But first, put your sweet name in below to join a little tribe of sensitive sisters from around the globe, and receive a dose of love from me.

Thank you for your heart so deep and wide.

And thank you for being here.

xo Liv