Maybe you’re like me.

Maybe you no longer believe it when they say, "you're too sensitive".

You’re beginning to learn to stop putting everyone else's needs before your own.

And you don’t feel as weighed down as you once did by expectations of the world around you.

But now…you’re trying to figure out how to be this new human you’re becoming.

Or more accurately, how to be the you you were before all of these other things took hold.

I'm here to accompany you in this deep remembering.

 I help empaths and sensitive souls reclaim, cultivate and protect their energy.

This means relationships with friends, family, partners and clients are life-sustaining instead of energy draining.

This means your livelihood aligns with your soul's calling.

This means your  life decisions and rhythms flow with your natural energy and intuition and, in turn, nourish you to the core.


With seasonal online courses that immerse you in the medicine of the Earth and elements, to one-on-one intuitive guidance sessions and group journeys like The Wild Empath, I'm here to walk this path with you.

I send my best resources and most tender words to my beloved community.

You can join us right here.  


I believe your sensitivity is sacred.

As an empath myself, I spent years overachieving and over-caring while still never believing I was enough.

When I realized I was "highly sensitive", it was at once affirming and disempowering: it seemed to confirm for me that this was a burden I had to bear.

When a huge life transition of deep loss, moving across the country and the beginning of a new relationship pushed me to the edge of my resilience, I realized this was something I was no longer willing to carry.

So I began to let it carry me.

I realized that my empathy was a deep well of wisdom.

And I realized the stories I had been told simply weren't true.

I suddenly saw with clear eyes the stories of my own wounding, intertwined with powerful cultural stories and collective trauma, and understood that these stories could be retold, changed and healed.



So I began to discover and tell myself new stories, until I began to believe them, and live them.

Stories grounded in the healing power of the sacred feminine.


Stories like these:

Feeling all my feelings isn't my biggest weakness--it's my deepest source of wisdom.

I get to make choices without having to explain them to anyone else.

I get to change my mind.

And make mistakes.

I don't have to have it all figured out before I begin.

I don't have to earn my pleasure and my rest.

I can listen to the Earth and follow her rhythms and ways.

I do not have to be good.

I can't do anything to earn my worth, because I'm already whole.



Now, I help other empathic souls create their own powerful life stories.

I do this with intuitive insight, sisterly support and sacred witnessing.


I'm here to help you live, love and work in ways that resonate with your soul.

I help you loosen tendrils of obligation and ground even deeper into self-compassion and self-trust.

I help you do your caring and care giving in joyful and life-giving ways. 

I help you draw nourishment and inspiration from Earth's rhythms and elements in ways both ancient and new.

I hold a brave and sacred space where you can take the next steps on your healing and revealing journey.

Take my hand.

Join my sweet community right here.

xo Liv (she/her)


Liv is a deep medicine woman...with gifts so needed by humanity at this time.
— Gigi Stafne, Master Herbalist


I Adore

coziness & beauty, silliness & truth


Sleeping in the forest, the coziest sweaters, sacred ceremony, long hugs, silly dancing with the people I love most, transplanting little green things, perfectly ripe avocados, the feel of worn wood, cozy nooks, remote wilderness, synchronicity, just the right lighting, Jane Austen on a rainy day, my courageous + adorable wife, and our green + giving Mama Earth. 

Studies & Experience

Education & Practice 



At age 15 I left home to spend a year in a remote village in the Cascade Mountain wilderness with no phone, no internet, and no road access. I never felt more at home.

Later, my self-designed undergraduate studies at St. Olaf College focussed on the intersection of ecofeminism and religious studies. I also came out as bi/lesbian/queer which has ever since informed my life and work.

During that time, I traveled to Central America to study sustainable development, social and liberation movements and Mayan spiritual traditions. I also worked on organic farms with radical nuns and in community food co-ops to immerse myself in connections between food, community, Earth and Spirit.


Mysterious health issues and a deep longing led me to a remote healing community and school where I studied holistic healing, energy medicine, herbalism, craniosacral therapy and bodywork.

I had a private holistic bodywork practice for several years before aligning with a teacher of cross cultural shamanic studies with an emphasis on Celtic Shamanism.

This unique opportunity of a hands-on, in-person apprenticeship in cultural and individual Earth-based healing through ancestral practices, stories, songs, rituals, tools and ceremonies lasted three years, and I now continue learning with a community of students and healers.


Over the past several years I've created and led sacred seasonal online retreats, a yearly group online coaching program called The Wild Empath, facilitated healing ceremony circles, and worked one-on-one in intuitive guidance and website coaching sessions with empaths and healers across the globe.

I live, love, and garden with my sweet and courageous wife in Minneapolis on the traditional lands of the Mdewakanton Dakota people, and spend time deep in the north woods in traditionally Anishinaabe territory.



My Commitment

Regarding Shamanism & Appropriation


Healing our spiritual and tangible disconnection from the Earth is central to my work and, I believe, our survival as a species.

 I'm committed to this work through sharing and teaching direct experience—nurturing deep relationship with the place I live—and exploring traditions from my own ancestral heritage.

I'm vigilant about unwinding the manifestations of white supremacy and privilege in this work and am committed to honoring and supporting indigenous peoples and communities of color, while at the same time not appropriating their traditions and cultural practices.

I'm here for the ongoing, radical and necessarily uncomfortable work of dismantling white supremacy in the ways I work and live.

If you have feedback or thoughts about how I can do this better, please feel free to contact me here.

With you,

xo Liv