Hey there, I’m Liv.

(My name means “life” in Norwegian and sounds like "leave". :)

I’m an intuitive guide, shamanic healer and mentor.

I help empaths, sensitives and modern day healers find ways of living and working that resonate with the the core of who they are.

My story

Like you, I’ve done lots of seeking and searching.

From leaving home when I was fifteen to go live in the mountain wilderness, to organic farming with radical nuns, to working at a yoga retreat center and living in my tent for months at a time, I've sought out experiences to stretch me, open me, and fill me up.

In my very liberal arts education, I delved passionately into the intersections of spirituality, embodiment, social justice and ecological sustainability, which fed my hunger for helping to contribute to a better world, but also left me depleted.

In my 20s, a crippling digestive condition that made more than a few doctors shrug their shoulders was the final push for me to seek different ways of being and healing.

So I journeyed further, with cross-cultural travels and studies in meditation, mindfulness, and healing. Lots and lots of healing.

I began to really feel my body, and know it intimately and lovingly.

I started to examine the persistent harsh voices in my head that had for decades been pushing me to adapt and conform, achieve and exceed expectations, over-compromise and sacrifice, and that had steeped me in not-enough-ness.

And those voices started to fade--slowly but powerfully--enough for me to feel that a life of more ease and authenticity and joy was possible.

I realized that no matter how many things I'd learned and experiences I'd had, I still had to choose to show up for myself here and now, to take responsibility for creating the life I craved. 

And I had to choose it, over and over, moment by moment. 

I recognized that more than ever, I needed support--lots of it.

I needed to be ever more gentle with myself.

I needed to make my own wonder and delight my guiding forces.

Once I took the risk of stepping into this commitment, magical things began to happen.

I found sisterly support I never knew possible. 

I found spiritual practices that came easily, yet fed me deep into my bones and shook me to my core.

Most importantly, began to feel like there was enough space and love for every single part of me, (especially the impatient, crabby, defensive, big mistake-making parts of me).

I found relief in deep self-trust--not that I had it all together, but that I was worthy.

My work

Now, I help other brave, determined and deliciously sensitive women create lives of sacred self-belonging--no matter where they are. 

I do this with intuitive insight, sisterly support and sacred witnessing.

I help these divinely powerful women cultivate intimate relationships with their infinitely wise bodies and tender, giving hearts.

I connect them with sacred practices and daily rituals that fit exactly where they are and what they need to transform their daily experiences into nourishment for their souls. 

I help them draw nourishment and inspiration from Earth's rhythms, elements and beings.

I teach them how to loosen the tendrils of obligation and ground themselves in self-love, so they can offer their caring and care giving in joyful and life-giving ways. 

I hold and heal with blissful bodywork that brings women home to their bodies as sources of wisdom and delight.

I ground all of this in safe, sacred space and rituals that support, nourish and transform.

I can't wait to connect. I'm so glad you're here.

xoxo Liv

I adore...

sleeping in the forest, super soft t-shirts, long hugs, silly dancing with the people I love most, transplanting little green things, reindeer antler fuzz, perfectly ripe avocados, the feel of worn wood, cozy nooks, sacred ceremony, remote wilderness, synchronicity, just the right lighting, Jane Austen on a rainy day, my courageous + adorable wife, and our green + giving Mama Earth. 


I love connecting...

with whimsical words, heart-felt images, and sisterhood reaching around the planet in these online spaces:

there is peaceful.
there is wild.
i am both at the same time.
— nayyirah waheed
I stopped waiting for the world to give me what I wanted;
I started giving it to myself.
— Byron Katie

Credentials + Certifications

Shamanic Studies apprenticeship – Jaime Meyer since 2014 (ongoing)

Therapeutic Massage Certification – Centerpoint School of Massage 2008

Board Certified Massage + Bodywork Therapist - National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage + Bodywork

Craniosacral Therapy Certificates – Dr. Carol Philips + Dr. Maureen Schwehr

Additional studies + coursework - Eden Energy Medicine, Chinese Five-Element Theory

Integrative bodywork + holistic healing studies - Heartwood Institute 2005-6

B.A. Religion (eco-feminist theology + integrative studies in sustainability + social justice) – St. Olaf College 2004

Influences: Clarissa Pinkola Estés, Joseph Campbell, Carolyn Myss.