You're not alone in the dark

Yes, I will sing to you.

How are you faring in these days of increasing darkness?

Do you feel the downward pull, the waning energy, the fear and uncertainty that creeps up here and there?

Maybe you're aching with a deep grief or loss.

Maybe you're questioning everything you have done to get to where you are now.

Maybe your body has succumbed to illness that feels like it's hitting you harder than usual, and your fears and shames are surging up more than they have in a long time.

Or maybe you just feel mysteriously unsettled, dissatisfied, or longing for some unknown.

You're not alone.

As we turn toward the season of cold and dark, all of these feelings are naturally more present.

Each year, even though I know they're coming, they take me by surprise with their intensity.

They show up in unexpected ways.

Challenges that have been sitting quiet make themselves known.

Escapism and wallowing present themselves as tempting options at times like these, and though I'm not free of them, I know they're not my best long-term solutions.

And so I ask myself:

What do I truly long for? What do I really need?

Comfort. Connection. Compassionate witness.

The holding of my deepest darkest hurts and not turning away.

Reminders that this doesn't need to be fixed, that there isn't something wrong with me, but that there is comfort in being held.

Help shaking off the urge to descend into the shame, isolation and despair when the hurt is immense.

The message that it's okay if I don't know what all of this means yet.

And bundles of light, reminders of beauty, and the medicine of gratitude without denying the power of the dark.

I know I need this. And it's likely you do too.

And so I invite to this month's Women's Ceremony Circle: Between the Worlds.

Candlelight. Song. Meditation.

Your own space to snuggle up.

Space to be heard. Space to listen.

This gathering is on Sunday November 8 in South Minneapolis, and you can learn all about it here:

{Step into the circle}

I hope you'll join us. 

xo Liv