My Two Ingredients For Simple, Sacred, Everyday Ritual

The gift you give yourself

I know you're like me. You yearn for meaningful connection, for stillness amidst the swirl, for sacred purpose, for widening vision.

So I want to share with you one of the most potent and sweet ways I’ve found to nourish this hunger: creating everyday sacred space--ritual woven into the fabric of my life.
If you already have meaningful ritual space in your life, I hope this gives you inspiration for how to simplify and expand the possibilities.
If you’re trying to find a way to start or renew your own sacred practices, I hope this gives you permission to simply begin.

Here’s the little equation I use:
Intention + Sensation = Ritual
What do you think of when you picture sacred space—chanting, incense, candlelight?
These sensory tools are powerful in their own right--but what I’ve found is that the real magic comes when they’re combined with intention.
This is why it feels different witnessing a ritual (being on the outside, not knowing the intention or being committed to it), and being deeply invested and transformed by it.
These intentions can be oh-so-simple:
May I bring my full awareness to this moment.
May this food deeply nourish me.
May all beings be at peace.
I intend to be kind to myself today.
I will look for beauty today.
I’m letting go of what I no longer need.
In the same way, the sensation can be simple:
Taking a shower (the water flowing over your skin).
Walking through a door (the weight of the push or pull).
Walking to your car (your steps on the ground, a breath of fresh air).
Washing the dishes (warm water, placing each dish in its place).
Being everyday things is the point. You bring the power of intention to what's already moving in your life.
It’s particularly helpful when it has a built-in beginning and end, or if it occurs over some threshold—the space between one thing and the next.

When you combine these two things, it’s like a little dose of timelessness. A little magic happens. You create space where there wasn’t before.

Let it emerge from what feels really good for you. Play with it.
Choose one intention + one sensation, and begin.
Finally, remember that creating sacred space is for your own sense of well being, for you to remember your wholeness.
These moments you create can anchor you in the present, feed your hunger for divine connection, and renew your devotion to mystery and beauty.

And, when repeated, they become rituals that carry their own cumulative power.

Any of this feel a bit uneasy?

Just know there’s a certain internal commitment and fierceness in the heart that’s required to move through the shadows of “this is silly”, or “this probably won’t work”.
Remember that humans do better with practice. Trusting in the power of creating this for yourself is like a muscle that gets stronger with use.

(Also, give yourself permission to begin it or keep it in secret if that helps :)
I can’t wait to hear what you try.
P.S. Keeping it simple really helps at first, then you can always juice it up by stimulating more of the senses, adding a few mindful breaths, or tapping into a bigger intention you have for the month or year.