What is it like to linger in longing?

What happens in nature happens in us.

"February was so long, that it lasted into March...."

- Dar Williams                      

Dear sensitive soul,

We are in the deep-dark. Our cells have slowed down. The moon is just coming out of hiding. The seeds are buried down down down.

Don't rush it. Don't push it.

For your sweet empathetic heart, rest is required work. 

(Do not skimp on this.)

This time is uncomfortable. You may want to wriggle out from under its weight. But just wait.

What does it feel like to linger in longing?

Just wait. 

(Yesterday I went for a wonder walk along the creek. So much holding and waiting and crisp harsh beauty, and also the tenderness of these tangled roots.)

Want things has February unearthed in you?

What "too much" thing can you tie in a sacred bundle and set on the altar of your heart (to later be undone)?

Give yourself deep permission to do this. And let me know if you'd like some support.