A declaration: Your sensitivity is a gift--for you.

Reclaim and tend to what's yours.

I believe sensitive, intuitive, big-hearted women aren’t here to save the world by caring for others until we're bleary-eyed, heart-heavy and falling over.

We often think that our ability to feel what others don’t feel, and to see what others don’t see is one or both of two things: a burden we have to endure, or a gift that helps us serve others.
But I believe, first and foremost, that this sensitivity is meant for ourselves.
I believe our intuition and beautiful yearnings are meant for our own becoming.
Our deep feeling and attentiveness are meant for fine-tuning our own reception, so that we can hear wisdom more clearly, see beauty more deeply, and soak up sensual delights for their own sake.
I believe our world will be healed as more women come home to themselves.

For it is only when we occupy our own folds and our own sacred fires that we can reach out with sincere compassion, and the power to truly support, honor and heal.

So today, let your senses fill you. Let your emotions wash over you. Let the sunlight shine into your soul.
Delight in finding and wrapping yourself up in only the softest and coziest blankets.
Adjust the settings and the flavor until the lighting is just right, and it tastes exactly how you want it.
You are not demanding. You are not weak. You are not selfish.
You have the exquisite gift of being able to experience life deeply and intimately.
A life of sensitivity can be a life of wonder and delight—meeting your needs, fulfilling your own wants--becoming the container for your own magical, hand-made, moment-by-moment monastery.

Claim it, tend to it, and pour on the love. It's yours.


Today, may I know:

I am not on the planet to suffer and serve.
I am here to feel what I feel and to know what I know.

I breathe into the space of my own heart to hear what it has to say to me.
I absorb the gift of who I am and how I am in the world.