For you and me, "self care" isn't enough

Off your list and into your life

Hello dear heart,
In some ways, I’m glad that “self care” has become a buzzword in recent years.
It means more people are talking about care of self as something that deserves our attention.
Especially given our heritage of women in self-sacrificial roles and the pervasive expectations that exist, it’s something we need to keep talking about.
But for those of us who feel this world so deeply and connect so intimately and care so much, our efforts toward our own self care can be confusing, frustrating--even damaging.
Maybe you’ve had this experience of trying to prioritize self care by saying: “I’ll meditate/go for a walk/paint/take a bath every day/other day/week."
You put it on our calendar or list, and try to make it happen.
Then when you follow through, it can be confusing when, even if you feel good about it, you still don’t feel fulfilled, you think "is this it?" and know it isn't.

You know you've only dipped your toe into the surface of the deep pool of yearning inside you.
Or, it can be frustrating when you don’t fit these things in and somehow feel like you’re failing, that it’s your fault you don’t feel good because you haven’t been doing whatever you said you were going to do. (Or it’s someone else’s fault that it didn’t happen--enter: resentment.)
None of this harshness is what you intended. You wanted to feel better!
And finally, it can be seriously damaging because it perpetuates the belief that “me time” is a limited, exceptional, containable thing, and that if you don't get it, that's it. Tough luck.
When really, deep inside you know this isn’t so.

You can’t trick your soul into believing this is all you need.

The magical dreamer, mystical wanderer and feeler of all the feelings in you knows that a few minutes set aside in the day doesn’t begin to satisfy.
So without rejecting self care completely, I’d like to instead propose a radical revision.
You know you need tenderness, delight, play, rest.
You don’t want a time slot. You want timelessness.
Drifting, joyful, sensual, wonder-filled living is what you crave.
So I’m asking you to step this way with me.
Stop relegating yourself to your to-do list. Make pleasure your intention, not your task.
Let your life be your thriving. Let your life take care of you.
How to begin (or begin again)?
Simple, kind, tiny steps.
Elemental. Basic. Primal. Sensual.
It's about blooming from the inside out.

It's about knowing what you love and letting yourself love it even more. (And not letting whispers of "selfishness" or "silliness" hinder you.)

It's about breathing into your sensations, giving them your adoration, and trusting in their wisdom.

It's about letting your gift of deep feeling be a calling that feeds and inspires you instead of a burden to bear.

This is just the beginning of what we'll be exploring in {Reclaiming Sensitive}: The Sacred Path of Feeling Deeply.

So, if you'd like some support on this journey, this deep returning to the core of what helps you thrive as the exquisitely sensitive and deeply feeling woman you are, claim your seat here.

I'd love for you to join us.

xo Liv