I love your indecision

This was one of my notes sent to my sensitive sisters as part of {No, You're Not Too Sensitive}, my free five-day Summer Solstice offering.


Dear unsettled heart,
You don’t need to be certain.
You don’t need to know for sure.
You don’t need to make up your mind and follow through no matter what.
When you’re hesitant, it’s not because you’re weak.
You’re not wasting anyone’s time.

You have a beautiful way of gathering information with your heart and mind.

I love the way you hem and haw.
When you are undecided, that’s when I know how deeply you care, how much you yearn.
That’s how I know you’re still open to your deepest knowing, that you’re still listening, not for what’s right or wrong, but what is simply true, for you, in this moment.
You know how to adapt, how to consider the most important things, and how to circle back and pause when others are blindly barreling full speed ahead.
Keep listening. Keep pausing.
Question stick-to-itiveness.
Keep opening to the flow of your own knowing and sensing.
You get to change your mind. It’s beautiful when you do.
xo Liv

{Today’s Declaration}
I honor my intuition. Flowing and adapting to what I feel and know doesn’t hurt anyone. I give myself permission to change my mind.