Reclaiming Sensitive

The Sacred Path of Feeling Deeply

A gentle summer journey: July 19-28

Hey sweet one,
Like me, you’ve probably known for awhile now that you’re more sensitive than most.
It can sometimes feel like the world is coming at you from every angle or rubbing up against you until you’re raw.
And you spend more time and energy than you’d like rehashing conversations, thinking about how to set boundaries, navigating around tough situations, and trying to let go.
You sometimes wish you just didn’t feel so deeply or care so much.
Well, I’m here to tell you that you’ll always be exquisitely sensitive.
You can’t change that or turn it down.
(At least, this is what I’ve found to be true for me.)
But you can harness it for your own nourishment.
You can use it to build a life, rather than feeling tossed around by the world.
And you can tap into this gift as one that gives back to you, rather than one that gets used up by others.
This is what we’re going to explore in my upcoming 10-day course {Reclaiming Sensitive}.
(Originally, this was going to be a 4-week excursion, but I decided--hey, it's summer. Let's make this easy-breezy and just the thing to give you the support and inspiration you need amidst your comings and goings, without a big addition to your to-do list.)

So, I welcome you to join me for 10 days of returning and reclaiming the gift of your sensitivity (for you), and cultivating a life of resilience as the naturally compassionate woman you are.

Come on over to find out the sweet details and claim your spot.

I'm right here with you,
xo Liv