When to stop listening

Dear one,

I've been thinking about the voices we hear all day long.

The loud ones in our own homes, the persistent whispers that float in the air, seeping into our pores because we're sensitive like that, and especially those harsh and sneaky ones within ourselves.

The ones that say "lighten up," or "don't get so emotional," or "why do you have to be so sensitive?".

The ones that makes us hold our breath, hide our tears, play down our pains and pleasures.

You're a really good listener, so I know you hear them too.

You're brilliant at tuning in and opening up and considering all the perspectives, wanting to see it from all angles.

But here's the thing.

If they're saying things like this, they don't really know you. (And that voice inside you, she's not seeing you clearly either.)

They don't get how you're wired. They don't understand the capacity of your heart.

They don't know that you came this way--attuned to kindness, compassionate to the core, a feeler of all the feelings.

And it's not your job to explain, or to make them understand.

Yes, you can still love them (of course you will).

But don't let them claim your space. Don't crown them with authority they don't have.

What if, instead of putting all that energy into adapting and toning down and explaining, you used it to honor how you actually are?

To deeply care for your deeply caring heart.

To deepen your understanding of all the ways you want to understand.

To open to the possibility that what you thought was a weakness, is actually your superpower?

What would it feel like to never think again: "I'm just too open. I care too much. I need to toughen up."?

What would your days look like?

Would your chest feel lighter? Would some pressure lift?

Would a little (or a lot) more tenderness be allowed in?

Yes you are sensitive.

And I love this about you.

xo Liv