The exquisite surrender of being held

Hello dear one.
How can you let yourself be held today?
What kindness can you allow? What gentleness can you sink into?
How can you let someone else lift or lighten the load of what you thought was only yours to carry?
How can you let something—water, tree or luscious bed—be your protector, your mothering embracer?

To be held and to be healed are not so far apart.

Sometimes, when I awake in the morning, I can roll out of bed with expectation already weighing down on me.
There are things to be done that no one else could possibly do.
There are things to catch up on, someone depending on me.
My inner landscape is occupied by this overall intangible demand on my awareness and energy.
I can begin some days like this, tumbling into the tasks and responses to this generalized sense of expectation from the world at large.
And I can keep tumbling, until I reach bed again, only then realizing that I’ve not paused, claimed my breath as my own, loved my heart for beating, allowed my own feelings and desires and thoughts to bloom in their own beautiful way, all day.
This used to be constant. My ever present non-awareness of my non-awareness.
But this is how it goes, yes?

Often the snare that entraps us is the very one we cannot see.

We look around and call this cage "home".

So I invite you to be on the lookout today, dear one.
Maybe in the midst of a rush to help a child, you can pause and let yourself absorb the love they give you through holding your hand.
Maybe before you get out of bed (or better yet, go back there now), you can let yourself sink in more deeply, layer by layer, until you feel the Earth herself holding you without effort or hindrance, as she always does.
Maybe, when you go to sweep the floor or send that message or make that call that you like to do in your own particular way, maybe you can let someone else take it on.
Maybe, when they touch your shoulder and say, “I’ve got this”, you can say “okay” and “thank you”, and lean in a little more to the warmth of their hand.
Be on the lookout for these gifts and offerings today.

It’s one of those magical things.

The more you are open to accepting help, and the more you practice accepting it, the more opportunities arise to say “yes”.
But only you can take this step.
Only you can be the chooser who chooses to lay down a little expectation, a little of the pressure or illusion of control, to surrender a bit of the “it won’t be okay if…”.
It will be okay. It will be enough. It will be as it needs to be.
So sink in today. Absorb the help and love and support that wants to hang out with you, always. 
Let yourself be held by someone or something, tangible or intangible.
And let me know how it goes.
Love, blessings, and gentle heart-holdings,
xoxo Liv