When the dark presses in close

The woods knows about the dark.

She births it branch by branch--canopy, understory and duff.

Misty hollow, damp soil and underground spring.

Her vastness comes in to hold me close.

Between raven calls, her silence rings in my ears.

Each nook and cranny of the half-lit forest is a sacred gateway, a threshold of transformation, a place where one thing becomes another, the meeting ground of dark and light, unknown and unknown.

This is where the old stumps turn into fungi and lichen, the moss grows lush green, and the deer bends her slender neck to drink bright creek water.

This is where the great horned owl stalks her prey, the bobcat walks with silent feet, and leaves become soil again.


I am a woodswoman.

I am not just a woman who loves to be in the woods.

I am a woman of the woods.

She knows me better than I know myself.

I sing to her.

She sings through me.

When I am in the woods I am the most me I will ever be.

I have been steeping in the medicine of the north country where it is quiet beyond quiet, but I am never alone.

The trees know how to hold me.

The creek sings my song.

My company is kept by cedar and nuthatch, red squirrel and pine.

I have been putting my ear to the ground and gathering beauty and teachings from her ways, and I've brought them back to share with you...

And this is the perfect time.

For we are moving into the forest twilight of the year, that liminal time when darkness comes toward us, enclosing around us at an ever-quickening pace.

The time when the veil between the worlds becomes thin.

When Mystery seeks us out, asking us to re-member we are en-souled beings, spanning the realms of Earth and Spirit.

When the scent of the unknown beckons from around every corner, enticing us to bend close to the hush, to step into our next inevitable becoming...

You can read more and delve into the sacred wisdom of this dark and potent season right here, and take a sneak peek at Into the Dark, a lush and immersive online journey just in time for all the hallows and souls and saints (Accessible for a limited time: Now through November 15).

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Love and lichen,
xo Liv of the Woods

P.S. See more images and stories from my woods time here.

P.S. My heart is aching for the land, water and people of Standing Rock. If you don't know what is happening there, please become informed, and use your voice in whatever way you feel called. And always always always, take care of your tender heart. Mni Wiconi.