How this season can support you to the core

Sometimes, it seems like it will never end.

If it's not one thing, it's another.

All of the hard questions, all of the people hurting, all of the decisions, all of the dishes.

The world knows how to call to us, knows how to brush up against us, knows how to wear us out and weigh us down.

But we also know things, you and I.

We know our own minds, even when we're uncertain.

We know our own hearts, even if we're out of practice.

We know how to create our own joy, make our own peace, love our own loves.

Sometimes, we just need space.

Sometimes, we just need companions to nudge us in the direction we already know we want to go.

Sometimes, we just need an invitation to sit, to watch, to listen to what the world also knows and shows us:

That we're a part of everything that is a part of us--soil, stone and stream,

That we naturally cycle and shift just like the Earth, Moon and seasons,

That our connection with everyone and everything we see (and don't see) has always been more true than our separateness.

As we move into the coldest and darkest part of the year, we're faced with a beautiful opportunity, and a unique conundrum: to listen to the signals the season is giving us to slow down, cozy up, and turn inward, and reconciling this with the cultural tendency to ramp up, get busier and overcommit.

This is why I created {The Cozy Quiet}.

The Cozy Quiet is here to help you actually sink into what you really love about this time of year, and discover even more of the magic that awaits you...

The Cozy Quiet is here to help you fall more and more in love with the way the Earth turns toward the dark--the hush of snow covering the land, the indoor cocoons created by external chill, the pairing down to the most essential and nourishing things--physically, socially, and soul-fully.

The Cozy Quiet is a place for you.

And I'd love for you to join me.

Even and especially if you're feeling the weight of world events, the heaviness of expectations, the overwhelm of being overbooked.

For you I offer this gentle daily whisper of support, a dose of sacred companionship to help you return and reground yourself in the natural energy of the season.

We'll tap into this with video reflections, sweet guided meditations, and simple rituals and recipes to reconnect you with your deep yearnings for this time.

Time for softening into silence, listening long and deep, and unfolding into mystery.

Time for for coziness, comfort and connection.

Time to focus on your most basic needs, your most primal longings.

Time to remember your own strength and nourish yourself to the core.

Because it's a wild world.

Wild in its wonder, wide in its gifts, deep in its medicine if we're open to it.

This journey begins with your first video available as soon as you sign up, and continues November 26-December 18.

Learn all about it right here.

Tender love and deep breaths and all the love to you,
xo Liv