Yes, today.

Dear One,

Yes, today is the day.

You are being called into the soul of your soul.

You are being called to be more you than you have ever been before.
You are being called to continue the good work of being human.

Earth has seen so many governments, rulers, empires rise and fall, and still she breathes.
The water keeps flowing, the wind keeps shifting.
Do you hear? 

The arc of time is wider than the sky.

(Look up. Look up!
You can't help but soften your eyes.)

This is but a moment.
But it is a moment of truth.
A moment of shift.
A moment we will point to and say:

This is when it all changed for me.
This is when I saw myself--my own fears and prejudices, assumptions and arrogance, held up to me like a mirror.
This is when I learned my compassion was deeper and wider than ever before.

This is when I finally learned to listen.

This is when I felt my own power, claimed my own power, loved my own power, healed my own power.
This is when I knew more than ever that I was a part of a revolution.
This is when I knew my gift, my skill, my contribution was healing, beauty, love--being a body that bleeds, a heart that expands, a soul that creates...

This is when I knew I was Spirit walking on Earth.

We're in this together dear ones.
We hold each other's hearts.

Let's be fierce in our commitment to be oh so tender now, oh so tender now, oh so tender now...

Remembering to breathe with you, remembering to smile,
xoxo Liv

P.S. Looking for a soft place to land? Into the Dark is a place for the natural grieving and transition that is so potent at this time, and is available online for you for a few more days. And this Friday, in Minneapolis, we'll gather as women for healing, for soothing, for remembering what's true. Details below. xo

P.P.S. As always, feel free to send me a note with what's on your heart and mind. xoxo