Her compassion beyond meassure

We felt her before we saw her.

Guardian of the valley. 

Somehow, holding it all--highlands and sky and sea--in her wide embrace. 

Vision and steadiness. 
Wisdom and love. 

We approached in whisper. 

We slowly held our tiny hands out to her ancient trunk. 

We knelt with the ferns at at her feet.

Even though the light was fading and we had miles yet to go, we stayed and lingered, soaking up her medicine as long as we could.

Now, after traveling 7,000 miles and finally home, as I wait for my spirit to catch up with me, as I tend to my heart and gather myself around the hollows and aches that need my care, as I rest my weary body, finally, on my own bed, I think of her.

I remember her being and staying and seeing and knowing.

Her perfect rootedness. 

Her ever opening.

Her compassion beyond measure.

Because what is compassion, if not the open, breathing presence of one who knows you, feels you, holds you, and does nothing to try to change you?

I wonder about you--what has been your medicine, your teacher, recently? I'd love to hear, just hit reply to tell me all about it.

From my lush green heart to yours,
xo Liv

P.S. I met this sacred yellow birch on Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia. You can see more reflections and photos from my journey here: www.instagram.com/Liv.sulerud

P.P.S. If you're yearning to connect more deeply with the heart of your life, the healing of the earth, and your innate feminine wisdom (it's already there, you don't have to go anywhere to find it), then I'd love to connect in person, by phone, in one of my upcoming ceremonies, or the next {Wild Empath} circle this autumn. Come visit me (www.livsulerud.com) and stay tuned for all the yummy details. 

P.P.P.S. This summer, I'm sending this brief version of my love notes from the field: reports from the realm of mossy forests and sleeping on the earth, adventures that the delight and exhaust me, and my own journey to always come home to myself. In the midst of it all, I'd love to hear how you are too. xo