The Universe has your back, even when it's working you over

The sun is beginning to set on the year.

Do you feel it like I do?

It's the time of harvest and gathering, choosing and transforming, honing and sinking in.
Everything is coming into its juicy fullness and, at the same time, letting down and letting go.
Fruit hangs heavy on the vine, some to be harvested, and some only to drop at perfect ripeness, left to rot back into the Earth.
Darkness steadily continues taking back the day, and the air grows cooler.


Everything is being honed and ushered toward Autumn’s threshold.

This is when we lean into the West in the wheel of the year, the time of natural endings, inevitable grieving, the challenge of choosing, and the most potent lessons on transition, transformation and mystery.

These days, as our bodies register the waning light and the coolness seeps in, our minds tend to scurry like the chipmunks and squirrels and other fury ones.
We franticly wrestle with trying to make the right choices, move in the right direction, and decide what we need most.
We feel the tension between our decreasing energy and the endless things to be done.
All senses are on alert to decipher what is most valuable and what might be lost.

It's the time of sorting as well as gathering, when the grain gets separated from the chaff.

This is when our lives get tossed in the air by the Universe, and we either make choices or they are chosen for us.

We feel unsettled (or terrified) as the things we no longer need fall away, being shed whether we’re ready or not.

This is the time of unfolding mystery.

Things long buried in the deep dark ask for our attention.

Our intuition wells up with renewed power as the veil thins between the worlds.

The watery West sweeps us along and washes us clean regardless of whether we're paying attention.

And even when we do, it's still usually anything but comfortable.

It can show up as feeling weighed down or, alternately, tossed about.

It can show up as overwhelm, indecision, inexplicable grief, exhaustion, sleeplessness, or a sense that your life doesn't feel like your own.

It can unearth the big questions: "What am I doing here?" and "What's it all for?"

Moving into these unknown realms is something we usually resist, because really trusting that we can FEEL our way into our own becoming is a skill that we're honing, a muscle that we're strengthening.

We're continuing to unfold and getting more familiar with what it feels like to flow with and learn from the ways of Earth and natural processes, especially ones that our culture has a tendency to deny and avoid (grieving, letting go, darkness, mystery).


So, today I just want to say: You've got this.

Wherever you are, however you're feeling through this transformative time, you are moving through this, and you're not alone.

You are seeing with clearer eyes with each moment that passes.

You're recognizing more and more the beauty and truth simply in the way things are.

The Universe has your back, even when it's working you over.

And YOU. You are ever-deepening into your wise and tender heart.

Longest warmest hug,
xo Liv

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