A wild wolf. A sacred stone. And perfect timing in pajamas.

Sinking into your wise ways


Dear One,
I am committed to my gut, my fierce inner voice, my own deep intuitive knowing.

That space in me where I blend with mystery, joy, beauty. 

That place that no one else knows, that I will never be able to accurately describe, and where I am always home.

I can only be the expert of my own experience. 

And I am experiencing.

And practicing.

I have sometimes described intuition as a calm amidst the storm--a thrill that cuts through resounding fear, or the thing that doesn't make any sense, but you know is the answer anyways.

As I deepen my commitment to living from this wider deeper wisdom (instead of in reaction to expectations, obligations, rules and limitations), I keep learning new edges, exploring deeper caverns, walking out on new branches of this way of being.


On some recent adventures, this is how my intuition showed up...

Driving on the open road. The freedom and joy of time and space to myself. The clear air from the sparkling water from the biggest lake washing over me through the open window. The gratitude for this breath in my lungs. The relief of preparations and packing behind me. The anticipation of adventures and delights ahead. The coasting along the shoreline. The Cedars reaching in their gentle ways. The Birches swaying. The Rivers wild. The precious and distinct feeling of wandering-yet-not-lost.

And then, suddenly, a WOLF. 

She steps out right in front of me, eyes locking with mine for a precious moment. So close I can feel her muscles ripple through my skin, her breath singing in my lungs. And I can still feel her, hours and miles later, huge and steady and fierce, calling me into my own wildness.

And this...

Getting the call that a dear loved one has passed. Being far away from home, family and friends. But knowing I am in one of his favorite places--the lake, the trees, the stones he loved. Soaking up the beauty of that place like I know he would. Being asked by his dearest love to bring home a stone to be placed on the altar at his memorial, but not before stopping to bless it in the river where his ashes will be scattered.

And this...

Waking in the morning with a stretch. Hearing the murmurings of the world beginning to move around me. The buzz of the tent flap zipping open. The sun at the angle of beauty-o-clock. The consideration of all the things to do before heading back to the city: the departure, everything to pack, the breakfast to make, the shower to have. And on some whim, leaving it all undone, and the little jaunt (still in my camp cozies) to drop of that last thing and say a quick goodbye.

But instead, the sweet calling of my name from the dock. 

The imminent departure for a surprise sail on the open waters. The chance I'd never had before, to board this huge and beautiful boat. The sun shimmering across the waves. The silent whirring across the water. The laughing voices of generous souls. The hoisting of the sail and climbing the rigging to add to the thrill in my chest, the gratitude in my heart.


This is what I have found...

Living in tune with your intuition is a mysterious and beautiful dance.

Yes, I practice paying attention, eyes wide and searching, heart softened, opening to beauty and mystery.

But most of the time, I'm distracted, dazed, thinking too hard, doubting myself, and fearing what may come.

But here's the gift:

The real messages often show up in the lag time.

The signs are there with arms huge and waving when my eyes are glazed over.

And it's my choice to either pause and listen and absorb the magic of it, or to discount it, breeze by, or mask it with doubt, fear or reason.

The wolf locks eyes with me when I'm zoning out. A gift of feeling, of wildness, of shimmering life force.

When I could have been devastated by the hundreds of miles between me and loved ones, I receive the gift of sacred connection, and the call for fulfilling an important mission of healing and honoring.

And when I'm crusty-eyed and stumbling and sad, I get swept up in the most heart-soaring delight, embarking on the fulfillment of a dream I'd forgotten I had.

This is a messy and beautiful and perfectly imperfect path.

While your intuition is there to help with your decisions, big and small, it's also sometimes simply about this--experiencing and feeling and trusting your life as it unfolds.

What are you sensing and seeing?

Send me a little note by hitting reply, I'd love to hear.

Shimmering wild blessings to you,
xo Liv


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