Anne of Green Gables (Always)

“It's delightful when your imaginations come true, isn't it?”
- Anne of Green Gables

Your living, breathing, sacred imagination

I used to be held under the heavy weight of the cultural rule that my imagination was "just my imagination", that anything not externally verifiable was made up, and there for invalid.

As a dreamy and playful child building forts in the woods and living out stories of my own making, I knew underneath this wasn't true, but gradually, systematically, this mechanism cracked down to turn it all into some version of "nonsense".

For years now, in waves and spurts, I have been untangling the layers of this burden.

I've been climbing out from under the deep sadness I felt for abandoning my trust in this.

(This, the actual source of Trust--my own knowing, my own connection to Spirit.)

And along the way I have been unearthing what I never knew I was looking for.

I've realized that...

That which is called "making stuff up" can also be called visionary.

That which is subconscious can also be called Spirit.

That which is deemed surreal, can also be called real.

And that which is dreaming may be the most awake I've ever been.

As a young girl, one of my favorite stories and movies was Anne of Green Gables, and it still is.

(I can quote her words. I can feel the winds of Prince Edward Island blowing through my soul. I can say sooorry the way Gilbert says it.)

Anne's commitment to her imagination makes the world around her magical.

She's tapped into something we all long for.

She plays. She creates. She sparkles.

She knows.

She reminds me that it can be simple. She reminds me to keep returning.

There are so many ways to cultivate our sacred imagination, to open to unseen realms that have so much to teach us, show us and feed us.

In my life I use visioning, creating, moving, sensing, opening to the energies of earthly elements and beings, singing and meditation, ceremony and beauty-making.

With my clients (in person or over the phone) I use intuitive singing and chanting to help us both enter the sacred space of healing and opening.

I use plants and herbs that speak to me and help to clear, support and heal.

I use guided journeying with potent imagery to help usher into the sacred imagination, so that your own deep well of internal wisdom can be rediscovered, so that your own source of messages and allies is reopened and ready to speak to your life right now.

And I use ritual and ceremony that connects the power of this earthly life with the realms of Spirit.


Many of the tools and techniques I use are not so special. They are ancient core practices from across healing and spiritual traditions.

They are ways that were known intimately by our ancestors.

They support the path of direct experience.

They help you become more you. 

But they are radical in that they invite us to step beyond the cultural conventions, the scoffs and the doubts.

(As one of my teachers says, "The more ridiculous it feels, the more you know you're on the right track!") 

They allow us to be fed, maybe as we've been longing to be fed our entire lives.

I adore this from philosopher-healer-dancer Gabrielle Roth:

“Imagination is the force that pulls your physical, emotional, and mental energies into dynamic harmony, giving wings to your soul.
When your imaginative life is rich and generative, you’re in vital touch with the rhythms and messages of your body, heart and mind. 

You’re no longer saying ‘yes,’ feeling ‘no’ and acting ‘maybe.’ "

My hope for you is that what you say and feel and do come more and more into shimmering alignment.

May you open to the unknown so that you may know more deeply.

May you unfold beyond what is "possible" and "reasonable".

May you lean a little more into your wildness, hopefulness and creativity.

May you open to where your visions lead you.

All my love,
xo Liv


For you...

1:1 Guidance + Mentoring

I believe "too sensitive" women are unrecognized mystics. 

And this is my way of companioning you into the depths of your own sacred journey.

Guidance to shore you up for the ride.

Better boundaries than you've ever had so you can do the sacred work that you're here to do. 

Techniques and tools to bring you into practical and divine relationship with your intuition, your spiritual allies, and the next steps on your earthly walk.

And beautiful, powerful, authentic ritual to bring it all to life.  Join me here.


Body + Soul Rituals

These cozy, in-person sessions are an invitation into your own sacred unfolding.

What pieces of you need holding?

Where do you need strength and clarity to make that decision that your soul longs for? 

How can you know your intuition and trust it?

This is a homecoming--to your body, your soul, your life. And you can claim your spot right here.