Important News: I'm Moving (And I'm still here for you)

“I have been a seeker and I still am, but I stopped asking the books and the stars.
I started listening to the teaching of my soul.”

- Rumi

Saying farewell to my healing studio

Hello lovely,
For six years I've held women, cried with women, laughed with women, sung to women, coaxed magical revelations out of women, and helped women come home to their bodies and souls in the arms of this space.

It has been beautiful and necessary work, and this space has been its sweet and cozy home.

There is a perfect tree with white twinkling lights that stands sentinel in the corner. There are cozy chairs and tea and dark chocolate. There is the warmest softest healing table ever.

And with all of this, even, it's time to say goodbye.


To be clear, I'm not going away. (If you just can't wait, skip to the details below :)

But the structures around me are shifting. The nest I'm building to hold my life and work is getting new materials--new twigs, clean feathers and a different view through the branches.

This change is both big and not so big, dramatic and insignificant all at the same time.

It's one of those things that's been bubbling in the background for awhile now, but wasn't clear--until, very suddenly, it was.


That sudden truth--what did it feel like?

It felt like a thrill in my bones, a leaping in my chest, a popping in the cells of my brain, a little explosion inside me echoing somewhere in the distant stars.

It made me sit up. Stop. And listen.

And I'm glad I did. Because right on its heels came the clamp down--the thoughts and fears, and the frantic questions of the practical mind (which yes I'm grateful for and I know it's just trying to protect me, but whoa).

I'll never find a studio as perfect as this!
My clients won't get what they need if I don't have this space!
What am I doing giving up the space that has been necessary for my main source of income these past six years?


A breath. 

An, "I hear you, and I'm setting you aside now".

Then, the circling back.

Remembering in my body what it felt like in that moment--that moment when (with some help from another sister, because I often need someone else to shine the light so I can see the tricky stuff more clearly) I felt connected to my future self, when everything disappeared and I went to the moon and back in an instant.

I went back to that feeling, because it doesn't happen with that intensity that often.

I went back because I knew it was magical and essential information from my soul.


It reminded me of the feeling I had exactly 10 years ago when quit my food co-op job and embarked on one of my greatest adventures and drove my Volvo across the country to join a healing community in the hills of California. 

It had the same flavor as that moment in a remote mountain village when I met my wife and knew she was "the one", and was flooded with equal parts terror and more-at-home-than-I've ever-been-ness.

It's that primal yet ethereal feeling of deep connection and heart-leaping freedom that signals important and necessary change.


And I know you've felt this too.

Maybe I've witnessed you right here in this studio, or in the sacred space we create when we connect over the phone or online.

I've been witness to your own heart-bursting, stomach churning decisions and transitions and deeper-than-deep knowing just like this.

And it always brings me sacred pause.

Because this is what hones your intuition like nothing else.

This is the stuff that courage is made of.

This is a chance to remember what your soul sounds like when it speaks. 


So yes, I am moving.

But I'm also here for you more than I ever have been...

Sacred ceremony circles, both locally and in the form of intimate online experiences are taking shape and waiting for you to reconnect with your sacred core.

The next iteration of Reclaiming Sensitive is going to be more rich and connecting and cozy than ever.

And my 1:1 Guidance + Mentoring sessions for the fall are perhaps the most supportive and life-shifting form of sacred companionship, intuitive development and healing I've offered yet.

And yes, I will also be offering Body + Soul Rituals again. I'm just not sure yet when. Or where.

So, to my sisters here in Minnesota, I want to thank you for trusting me with your bodies and souls in this sacred space. And I want to invite you to come for a last session here.

Here at this time of year when transition and transformation is everywhere in and around us--come for grounding, connection and healing. I'd love to see you. I'll have some special availability on my schedule, so just check out the details below.

Your cup of tea and cozy spot is waiting for you.

Heart-gushing gratitude,
xoxo Liv

P.S. Instagram is the best place to connect with me on a nearly daily basis. So if you're looking for sacred sustenance, beauty, earthy mysticism and sisterhood, I'd love to have you join me here:



The details (for my Body + Soul Ritual clients):

  • September 30 is my last day at my studio.
  • The earliest I plan to settle into a new home (with a more limited schedule) is early November, but it may be later, as I'm committed to finding just the right place, so if you've been meaning to make an appointment, now is the perfect time.
  • If you have a gift certificate or pre-paid session, now is a great time to use it. (It will of course still be valid and usable in my new space.)
  • I've added some special weekend and evening openings in the next few weeks just for you! Just click here to check out my schedule.