13 Gratitudes (and something beautiful for you)

Today my heart and body and mind are grateful...

...For the return of Wild Geese, for the way they call to each other, to me, and to the wholeness of the Earth, it seems. Maybe all green things lie in wait until they hear that ancient call. Maybe that's when they know it's time to emerge.

...For the crocuses emerging, so tenderly, and the moss in glowing glory on the north sides of every building and stone and tree.

...For gentle men who listen. Who open. Who care and tend. Who are patient and kind. Who make every effort not to abuse their power or privilege.

...For fresh romaine lettuce. These days I've been pulling off leaves, each a perfect boat of white and green. Crunching into their fresh sweetness and nibbling down from end to end. Here in the north we are in the slim and scarce time. The only things truly in season are those that have been stored and only a few short generations ago this is all we would have had. And so I'm grateful for this freshness: the living soil and rainwater, the farmers and farm workers, the sun and energy that was all given and received so I could absorb this nourishment.




...For friends who care for those most in need. For their eyes so clear and voices warm and true, telling the most vulnerable among us, the most downtrodden and imprisoned, that they have value, that they are worth fighting for, that they matter.

...For spring break with my sweetie (who teaches in a rural school and is listener, advocate, healer for trans kids and kids of color and kids with crazy parents and kids with suicidal friends and kids with suicidal thoughts, and holds them and respects them and never talks down to them). She's been home. And we've been resting and giggling and also taking care of some "big girl" things (what we call the adult responsibilities that we sometimes just don't want to do).

...For space to voice my money fears. For people who know about money. For financial meetings that end with relief and gratitude instead of worry.

...For a house with golden candles in the windows...our way of extending a bit of peace and hope into the streets and world through the dark season. They've still been keeping us company, but now with the equinox it's almost time to tuck them away.

...For the equinox. Tipping the balance toward the light and active season. Trusting that I've absorbed and intuited and restored my inner realms to now bring energy to the expansion that I can feel every day.

...For The Ones Who Breathe Us Into Being. I've been spending time with the green ones who know all about waiting...the immense and magical presence of barely moving needles and whispers in mossy gorge and glen. The ones who know all about renewal...the reaching and unfolding, the alchemy of turning sun and rain into sweetness of sap and food for (everyone's, everything's) life. The ones who sing to each other beneath the soil, sharing excess and receiving back in waves of ancient knowing with all their relatives. The ones who breathe us into being, every day, every moment, with every breath.




...For the dear souls who've joined me for Into the Light, asking the questions that beg to be asked during this season. I love being with women who choose to be the meaning makers of their own lives. Who want to bring their hearts and attention to the transitions and transformations we all move through anyway. Delving in and journeying deep and discovering the beauty and mystery of this time has been a true gift. This portal closes today, so I send them off with a blessing and a bow of thanks.

...For the biggest lake with the most immense heart. She knows how to hold everything, it seems. Spending a few days on the shores of Lake Superior washes my soul, clears my head, and fills me with awe and gratitude and inspiration.

...And for the five women joining me to offer something sweet and simple (and free). These are women who I've come to know and love across space and time and I was honored as each one said "yes" to this collaboration. Their words are beautiful. Their souls are gentle and strong. And I know you'll love what each of them has to share. The Ways We Awaken is ready to welcome you right here.

Blessings and gratitude for you, too,
xoxo Liv


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