Your heart is a deer

Good morning.


Here, at the old windowsill.

Here, where the ragged and worn meets beauty, precious and sacred.

Here, where the outside meets in, home meets world.

Here, a pause.

Here, a breath.

Here, I lift my arm like a wing.

Here, I turn my palm toward my chest.

Here, I bring the tip of my third finger to land on my breast bone.

Ever so gently. Slow motion.

Like my heart is a deer not to be startled.

Then, lowering my eyelids slower than slow.

Until they rest, heavily, like they're one hundred and one years old.

This precious heart beating.

This holy breath moving the mystery of air from here to there.

This compassion, this life energy, this knowing, this shimmering from fingertips into the ocean of my body.

This moment, this magic, where I am suspended in between giving and receiving, from and to myself.

This. This This...


If you'd like, you can listen to this mini-meditation right here:


Love and breath and beauty to you,
xo Liv

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We believe beginnings are sacred.

The passage between nothing and something holds a sort of magic.

And as we emerge with the spring of the year, the mother of all beginnings--showing us how with greening and light and freshness of air--it seems like a perfect time to explore mornings: how we move into and through them, and how we let them hold us.

The Ways We Awaken is a collaboration, a sharing of gentle inspiration, tools and ideas from and for women who want to begin their day with intention and connection, just like you.

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This isn't meant to be prescriptive (what you should do) but, rather, descriptive: a collection of possibilities to draw from, experiment with and make your own.

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