Deer medicine for a violent world

Deer medicine for a violent world


Her instincts are arresting and lulling, sharp and vast.

She knows the quickening of heart and blood,
when to raise her hooves,
and how to move through the pain.

She doesn't resist fear when it comes.
Nor does she hold onto it beyond its time.



She knows how to walk with head held high,
down the aisle of bowing goldenrod,
those late autumn torches blazing in iridescent wonder.

And she knows how to bend the soft grass just so,
to surrender her body
to rest.


Today, I found her place.

So I lay my body down where she had been,
where the goldenrod whispered things beyond this world.

I could still feel her wise breathing,
her gentle ways,
her eyes filed with warmth and light.


Dear One,

May you remember that connection is the antidote to fear, and that Earth is always reaching out to you, reminding you that you belong.

May you remember that your gifts of dedication and service are always aided by deepening wisdom, and only sometimes by more information.

May you remember to call in the support you need, the assistance you need from every realm so that you can continue the good work of being human.

And may you remember that rest is one of the only the truly necessary things.

xo Liv