No, you're not crazy (or silly or demanding or ridiculous)

Dear One,

As you move, layer by layer, deeper into your own knowing,
every time you allow yourself to feel more of what you feel,
each chance you take to love more of what you love,
don't be surprised to hear this, somewhere echoing down the long hallways of your mind:

"Am I crazy?"
"I feel crazy."
"They're going to think I'm crazy."

Here's the thing, dear heart:

You're not crazy (or silly or demanding or ridiculous).

You're also not alone in feeling this way. (Every single client I worked with this week spoke one of these sentences.)


When you move deeper into your own truth, you necessarily step away from the collective "truth" you had up until now tolerated, accepted, or believed.

And as you step through the gate and it clanks closed behind you, the dissonance hums.

You've rattled the cage.

Movement creates noise so, on some level, you're going to feel it.

And as you search to name this feeling--of newness, of uncertainty, of unknown--it can quickly jump to self-doubt (in the form of, "I must be crazy" or your own version of choice).

In that blink-of-an-eye moment, with everything up in the air, as you search for a reason and a place to point your finger, the easiest place to land is the closest place--yourself.


This is when you gently remind yourself to take another look.

You're simply choosing something different.

And often, the thing you're stepping away from is arguably its own "crazy".

Such as...

The assumption that families always get together for _______, no matter how anyone is feeling.
The notion that everyone should work _____ hours per week.
The belief that everyone loves parties and big social gatherings.
The expectation that because this technology/task/phone call/decision/skill is easy for one person, that it should be for everyone else (i.e. you).
The view that human relationships are more important than relationships with animals and other beings.
The idea that church/synagogue/mosque is the place for all things sacred, not your body, your work, your daily life.

(I'm sure you could add more.)

But because enough people have agreed on this particular thing together--as a family or an organization, or a culture--you feel like the odd one out.

Fear kicks in and tells you that you've made a big mistake.

And this is natural.

Your sweet and gifted rational mind is trying to protect you from the unknown, from the uncertainty and mystery of your intuitive knowing.

It's double checking with you.

And, after thanking it for doing it's job, you get to choose again.

You get to choose what you choose.

And as you continue to make choices based on your internal information rather than external, you will likely experience this feeling to varying degrees, no matter how huge and significant and public, or seemingly small and personal the choice.

You'll find yourself more and more "outside" certain realms and norms (that didn't support you anyway).

And as you feel your way into this separation, this distinction, you'll also flow into the space that you've created for yourself--space to be, to breathe, to become.

So, when this feeling of unknown emerges and you're on the verge of saying "I must be crazy", it's a perfect signpost.

It's a chance to pay attention.

It's an indicator that you're courageously making your own way.

Then, in that being and breathing, you'll begin finding new opportunities for resonance that actually confirm your own intuitive knowing.

You'll find others who say "yes, me too", which gives you what you've been aching for underneath it all: belonging.

And on the most essential (and magical) level, you'll feel more and more YOU.

I'm so glad we're in this together.

All the love,
xo Liv

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