Boundaries don't have to be such a big deal

Hey there sweets,

So it's true that, in some ways, boundaries are a big deal.

They're a big deal in that they create the essential container of your life.

They make a huge difference in the quality of your living.

They free up an immense amount of vital energy.

They define and declare the things you need and desire most.

They communicate your unique resonance to the world.


And, also, they don't have to be such a big deal.

And by this I mean they don't have to be such a big deal to create.

You don't have to wait for years and years until it all comes to a head.

They don't have to be some huge insurmountable task.

They don't need to encompass it all, take everything into consideration, or even be "right".

Deep breath in.

And out.

This summer, let's go to the woods.

Let's go the the water.

This summer, let the breeze play with your hair.

Walk barefoot on moss and stone.

This summer, let's find both the connection we need, and the space we crave to feel whole.


I'm right here with you.

Each summer I especially crave deep and sensual connection with life.

I want to feel at one with the elements.

I want to sense them singing through me.

I don't want to just "spend more time outside", I want to be immersed in wonder.

And for this, I need a bit of space.

But, maybe like you, I can already feel the pressure rising.

I see my calendar growing full.

I already wonder if I'm going to have enough time.

For me. To be.

So this summer, I'm being extra intentional.

I'm traveling with you on a journey, on a mission to have both you and me have a summer that feels how we want it to feel.

In My Spacious Summer, we'll explore ways to get the nourishment of deeper earth connection you've been craving no matter how much time you have.

We'll use the support of the Celtic medicine wheel to steep in the healing elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water, with simple practices that you can try no matter where you find yourself.

I'll guide you using words and drum, song and breath with meditations among the tall tall pines, down by the creek and next to the crackling fire.

We'll let ancient voices whisper through our hearts, reminding us of what we've always known.


Then, we'll harness this support, calling on these powerful allies to help us lovingly claim the space we crave.

I'll share simple, essential tools for creating everyday boundaries that help you hold the sacred space of your life.

Some might seem surprising at first, or even revolutionary.

Some might soften your immensely tender heart even more than you thought possible.

Best of all, I've made this sweet and portable, so you can take this with you anywhere you go, enjoying it anytime this summer.

You can join me right here.


This is what I know:

Empaths crave connection so much that our fear of rejection and isolation can keep us from claiming the essential space we need.

What does it look like, feel like, taste like to have both in equal measure?

This is what we'll discover this summer, together. Learn more here.

All the love,
xo Liv

P.S. We tend to think of boundaries as big hard things we have to do once in a while. But the truth is we are continually creating the container we choose to live in. Let's create together. xo