Speaking the language of rivers and trees


Just when I thought I was falling behind,

just when I feared I wasn't pulling my weight,

just when I felt I'd given up too much slack,

I made my way to the Water.

And she reminded me, I have no need to worry.

"I'm here to hold it all", she said.

June 18, 2017

Gichigami (Lake Superior)



Hello lovely,

What if you could speak the language of rivers and trees?

What if your life sang the song of the deepest lake and the widest sky?

What if your story was ever unfolding in waves of magic and meaning, mirrored in fire and echoed in stone?

You already know this.

You already feel this.

I'm just here to remind you.

And you're here to remind me.

I'm so glad we're here to remind each other.

Weeks ago I sank in deep and asked what you need most right now, and what you didn't say was: another e-course.

What you need, you said, are ways to feel in the depths of your being your oneness with life.

To feel vibrant and connected and whole.

What keeps you from feeling this, allowing this, believing this? I asked.

So many things, you said:

My fears and limiting beliefs, yes, you said.

And also, honestly...

That thing my mother wants from me.

And that thing my children need.

All these things I'm supposed to do, you said.

So, with an intention to be useful, I created something for you.

Not something that takes hours to read.

Not something to clutter your inbox or virtual dusty shelf.

Instead, simple words full of potency to ponder throughout your day.


Poetry to wash over you and linger in your ever-expanding heart.

Meditations with voice and drum, heart beat and creeksong that are short and sweet, soulful and portable.

And simple, powerful practices to bring you more ease in an instant, more freedom from the old weights holding you down.

I'm here to remind you about the river and the trees.

And I'm here to help you find easeful ways to say yes to what nourishes you, and lovingly say no to those things you don't want to do.

I'm feathering the nest of our sweet summer retreat and I think you're going to find it filled with so much beauty and love.

Just in time for the Solstice, join me for My Spacious Summer.

Can't wait to be with you there.

From my heart to yours,
xo Liv