The quiet revolutionary work of the Wild Empath (+ a note on White Supremacy)

Hello Dear One,

I know.

The world is big. And so is your heart.

It's a lot right now.

I don't really know what to say, but I'm going to say what I can.


Here are a few things I'm holding softly in my soul's hand...

Just as ever, the world is in upheaval. This is nothing new. What is new is the way the world's news comes at us in so many ways. This is a mixed bag. We are more aware of things we might not have been in the past. But we (especially us sensitive ones) are also at greater risk of overload-to-overwhelm.

Just as ever, it's essential to tend to your own body and heart. Are you eating what feels good for your body? Are you doing what you need to do to get the best sleep you can? Are you comforting and loving the ones around you? Are you asking for the comfort and love you need? Are you laughing? Are you delighting in beauty? Are you allowing yourself to rest in enoughness?

Just as ever, the world needs your medicine. Your particular gifts. Your empowered voice, whether it's soft or loud. Your unique creative force. Your healing presence. Your reflective mind. Your steadiness and strength. Your patience and wisdom. The work you do with clients and patients, children and elderly, family and friends.

And just as ever, the world needs your courageous expansion. Your widening eyes and deepening compassion. Your efforts for justice. Your activism (that may or may not look like that of others). 


The quiet revolutionary work of the Wild Empath...

(I see her in you. I see her in me.)

She is slow, steady, observant. She may not be the first one to respond in an emergency, but she is there to support and contribute to the essential long term healing and change for individuals and community.

She listens long and deep. She pays attention to voices not often heard and finds ways to honor and amplify them.

She is relational. She sees and is committed to connection and complexity when others resort to divisiveness, individualism or simplistic thinking.

She knows the difference between tuning in and checking out. She tunes into self, Spirit, intuition, as well as collective events and sentiments, while not taking in unnecessary or excessive information or traumatizing images that lead to overwhelm and immobilization.

She's in this for the long haul. She believes that the Universe bends toward justice and she's committed to deep, lasting cultural and structural change. She knows this steadfastness requires the deepest self care.

She's strong in her convictions, yet open and humble. She's willing to make mistakes on the path of courageous and imperfect action. She's receptive to feedback and to learning from those with experience different from her own, especially those from marginalized communities.

Her most courageous and powerful work comes in quiet acts as she helps minds transform and hearts heal.


With this feather I unlock my heart.

The places where I am complacent, let me rise to act.

The corners where I shield my eyes, may I see more clearly.

The places where I guard and defend, let me melt.

The caverns where I hide, may I shine a light--on my actions, my inactions, my responsibility.

If you are a white woman, let's talk about white supremacy.

White supremacy is at the foundation of this nation and much of our world.

It's woven into the fabric of our schools and economy, our housing and justice system, our healthcare and religious institutions and beyond.

With every breath I breathe, as a white woman, I benefit from this system.

It doesn’t matter that I was not an active member in its founding--I am an active member in its continuation simply by riding the waves of ease that have been designed for me.

It's my responsibility to see that, no matter the hardships of my life, I haven't had the all-pervasive hardship and oppression of being a person of color.

It's my work to expand my heart so that I can hold the grief and shame of this ancestral wounding.

Because if I can hold my grief with compassion, I'm able to better connect with the depth of others' grief, and can better listen and learn from experiences of those that are different from my own.

And if I can hold my shame, instead of dropping it like a hot stone, I see that it turns to humility. I watch how I'm more able to admit my mistakes, rather than escaping to martyrdom, defensiveness or immobilization.

(With me on this? Ready to delve into more? See resources below.)

If you are a woman of color, please know that I will strive to be better.

To every woman of color who feels betrayed and enraged by "spiritual white women" denying their privilege or being in shock about recent events, I hear you, I honor you, and I recommit to the work of dismantling, to naming, and to healing.

I apologize for the ways I haven't shown up, for the work I haven't done.

I will strive to earn the name "ally" through my actions.

I know it is not your job to teach me or show me the way.

But I do want to you to know that I am open to critique, to calling out, to being a place where you can voice your frustrations and concerns.

I will keep working to dismantle structures of white supremacy in my life, work and community, and I will continue cultivating a safe place for you to be and to heal.

(Looking for tangible support from white women? See below.)

All the love, always.

With you,
xo Liv

Resources for white women who want to be allies to people of color:

If you find yourself tongue tied and nervous about getting more involved in social justice conversations, Nice White Ladies might me a helpful resource (especially if you're unfamiliar with concepts like white tears, white fragility and centering whiteness). They also have opportunities to tangibly help women of color through donations of money and skills.

If you're dedicated to being an effective ally to people of color, Safety Pin Box is an amazing resource, run by women of color, with many ways to participate and support their work.

For healers, sensitives, and all white people, this is an important read: "I need to talk to spiritual white women about white supremacy" by Layla Saad.

For on the ground work at the community level, seek out your local chapter of SURJ(Showing Up for Racial Justice).

Resources for women of color:

For donated skills and support for your life or business, check out this effort toward reparations from Nice White Ladies. Here white women volunteer to share a wide variety of services free to women of color including: childcare, virtual assistance, grant writing, editing, proofreading, web design, tutoring, branding, tech support, and more.

Or, for financial support for your living and being, Black Women Being is a project of Safety Pin Box.

Want more support from me?
Need a white woman to listen long and deep? I'm here for you.
Send me a note here.