Interdependence Day

Dear One,

The truth is, freedom is not granted by institutions, nor by governments.

It is fought for and declared by courageous hearts and souls.

With each breath, we claim our sovereignty.

Every body is a flag planted in the Earth, saying "I belong".

Freedom is, for each of us, our own work from the inside out.

Finding freedom from the beliefs and stories that have us caught in the illusion of stagnancy, smallness and separation is something no one else can do for us.

This is daily, diligent work of mind and heart and soul, cycling through messiness and mistakes and, alternately, break throughs and euphoria.



And, it's also our responsibility to work for freedom from the outside in.

What human structures, institutions and prejudices are preventing others from embodying the freedom that is their birthright?

What obstacles need to be dismantled?

What walls can we tear down?

How can we prevent police and pipelines from taking precedence over people, over life?

We live in the tension of this paradox: each of us is responsible for our own freedom, and we recognize that no one is free until we all are free.

We know we are connected, interdependent with all life and all peoples.

We know the support and love and courage of others changes everything, making our own liberation possible when we thought is was not.


I believe you and I have the strength to hold both truths.

Let us not make these mutually exclusive.

Let us not pit one against the other.

Let us rededicate our whole hearts, our whole minds.

This week, if you've had the opportunity to get much needed rest and play, I hope you're soaking it up with your entire being.

And, if you do not feel safe or free in this country or another, know that you are not alone, that we're in this together, that we're each an integral part of the revolution within and without.

With you,
xo Liv

P.S. Join me for claiming more freedom for your heart and mind, while sinking deep into your connection with all things in My Spacious Summer right here. xo