You're not supposed to have this figured out already

{Dear One: This note is the first in a special series for empaths and healers who are stepping into or expanding their presence in the online realm. Even if this isn't you, you may still find medicine here. If not, watch for more love from me soon.}
- xo Liv

Dear One,
I think you might be like me--that like me, one of your core needs is to simply feel like yourself.

Almost more than anything, you want to be authentic, aligned, true.

When it comes to your life’s work or your passion project, this is especially so.
I see so many women I know—friends and clients and colleagues—with hearts excited to share their soul’s work through the magic of the online realm, who stop before they get started.

You might be one of these women.

You might not have a website because you’re overwhelmed by all the advice and don’t know where to begin.

Or you might have a website that’s hiding in the shadows that you’re hesitant to share.

Either way, it can feel stifling for your spirit and heavy on your heart.


I know intimately that feeling of opening your computer with the best intentions to write your about page, only to have your mind go blank.

I know what it’s like to think about working with a designer, only to back out, fearing they won’t get you and it will all go wrong.

I know you can start feeling like you’d rather have no website at all, than have it not feel true to you.


When you want to align your work with your heart, and serve the world with your gifts, not being able to share it can be source of grief that’s deep and real.
You might wonder, “I’m in love with what I do, so why doesn’t it simply flow naturally out onto the page and screen and into the world?”
You might ask, “If this feels so hard, does it mean I’m doing something wrong with the work I’ve chosen, or is there something fundamentally wrong with me? Am I simply not cut out for this?”

The thing I’ve realized is that when you have your head down, trying to figure it out, trying to do it right, working so hard, really wanting to get this done, it’s really difficult to see clearly.

I wish I could take your hands in mine, pausing for a moment to meet your deep wise gaze.

Then, I’d step away and let you see what’s right there: a sacred threshold that’s been waiting for you.


There you’d see a heavy wooden door, scratched and weathered, overgrown with vines and wildflowers, dark and worn, mysterious and inviting, drawing you in.

And as with any threshold, transformation or initiation, this one is preceded by uncertainty and unrest you're experiencing right now.

It's natural to feel these things, but this isn't where you're meant to stay.

Because this doorway also beckons with the promise of the sacred unknown.

“This will change you,” it says.

It offers the choice: Will you step forward, creak open the door, enter in, duck through to move into this next, as-yet-unknown iteration of yourself?


I've found that, for empaths and sensitives, website work is soul work.

It’s an initiation for modern day healers.

And so, it deserves to be honored as such, held as such.

It’s not something to push through, to expect ourselves to just “get done”.

As I’ve found for myself and the women I’ve helped on this path, your website will be your teacher.

All the lessons you thought you’d learned are going to cycle back and toss your well-intentioned plans into the air, jumbling your thoughts and unearthing your most primal fears.

Old limiting beliefs you thought you’d banished are going to sneak in when you least expect them.


This might not be what you want to hear, but here’s the good news:

This is an age old experience, even though it’s in a modern day medium.

This isn’t so strange, you’re not alone, and you’re not doing it all wrong.


You just might not have realized the significance of this sacred invitation.

You may not have given yourself permission to feel its heft.

Or, you may not have heard the call while you were all on your own, elbow deep in Google searches for how to write a home page or how to choose a font.


But I’m here to say, this is an initiation waiting to heal and transform you.

It’s a journey that can usher you into your next evolution, ultimately allowing you to emerge in a whole new light from which you can take your next inspired steps.

Where to begin?

Be gentle.

You're not doing it wrong. You don't have to follow someone else's step-by-step process. You get to make your own way, in your own time.

Be intentional.

Knowing this is an initiation, gather support around you, pack your sacred tools, ground yourself in your soul's desires.

Then, take one small step.

Blessings on your way,
xo Liv

P.S. If you'd like to take that step, and you don't want to do it alone, watch this space. In the coming weeks I'll be offering sweet and simple (and free!) sessions for women looking to step into this work.