It's the most mystical time of the year

The deep darkness of winter ushers us into mystical and mythical realms.


Not long ago, our ancestors would have spent most of this Solstice-time in darkness.

Mornings and evenings would be lit by precious candlelight.

Extra sleep wouldn't be considered a luxury, but instead, the only natural option for how to spend extra hours of quiet, darkness and cold.


And as the darkness creeped into the day, so would the dreaming.

The space between rational thought and sacred imagination, matter and magic would weave together, whirling into sharing of story and song.

Our ancestors didn't question and worry whether myths were "real", because they knew that truth spanned the realms of matter and spirit.

And it doesn't have to be so hard for us to remember this too, to ride on their coattails and find meaning and magic where it's just waiting to welcome us in.



One of the ancestral tools that I've come to value the most for this is journeying.

When we journey we become our own myth makers.

We travel into the subconscious and welcome the wisdom of of the deep.

It's a simple, safe and amazingly accessible way to listen to your soul's voice and find companionship and support in the spirit realm.


So here's an opportunity to sink into your wise soul.

This is one of the journeys most loved by my sisters in The Cozy Quiet.

Together, we've been reflecting deep and taking gentle and tangible steps to slow down in body and soul as we turn toward Solstice.

This journey is a companion to these choices and intentions, an opportunity to surrender and allow the work to happen subconsciously, energetically, with the help of Spirit.

Because this is a time of year when we can go to new depths, we can "let the spirits work on us" without our conscious thought, and our souls can get the deep watering they need.

{Journey with Balsam Fir}

Grounding + Surrender

In this visionary journey into your soulscape, you'll have the opportunity to shapeshift into a Balsam Fir, to feel what it feels like to be deeply woven into the ground, and to reach out with branches strong, yet light and flexible.

Ready to begin?

This recording is about 18 minutes.

If possible, pick a time when you'll have about 30 minutes, so you can have some gentle transition and reflection time.

Then find a space where you can relax, sitting or lying down, where you won't be disturbed.

Click here to download and begin this healing visionary journey.

As we cross this threshold and turn the wheel of the year, I'm filled with gratitude for your soft heart, your resilient spirit, and your curious mind

Blessings upon blessings,
xo Liv

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The Wild Empath

Reclaiming the terrain of your sensitive soul

{ Coming in 2018 }

Because sacred sovereignty is your birthright.

Because you are meant for an untethered, resilient and beloved life.

Because you are your own wise woman.


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