I know you’re feeling anxious about a few things.

tender and uncertain.

That tricky situation at work. The half-done painting staring at you from the corner. The website you really think you should have finished (or started) by now. That misunderstanding with your partner that hasn’t been resolved yet.

And the pressure seems to be as persistent as winter’s cold.

You want to be taking meaningful steps forward, but mostly it’s not so clear.

You don’t know exactly what you need, but you already feel behind and too late.


This is a season of holy restlessness.

We stand at a sacred threshold.

In the Celtic Wheel of the year, we turn from the North to the East.

The East brings the healing medicine to be found in the paradox of yes-but-not-yet.

We are in the waiting, the yearning, the hope, and sometimes frustration, of the pre-dawn darkness.

The magical moment between nothing and something.

We are curled up with the bear mother in her den.

Nuzzling and dreaming, stretching and peeking out, only to go back to sleep for a good long while.

We are the sap rising and falling in every tree, a great daily inhale up toward the sun and evening exhale down into the Earth.


In other words, you’re not alone.

This is a time of dreamspace and abundant ideas, but rarely a clear way forward.

A natural time when plans come together, fall apart, then come together again in a new way.

A mix of inspiration followed by a deep need for rest.

It’s a dynamic space of transformation (yearning, reshaping, healing and reemergence) to be held with tender and loving hands.

But here’s the tricky thing.

The Western Mind wants to push ahead at all costs.

In its linear view, this time of waiting and wrestling, curling and unfurling carries the taint of not-enough-ness.

So it makes sense if you feel anxious or embarrassed when you’re not sure how to begin.

It makes sense that you ruminate in indecision, second guess and doubt yourself.

And it makes sense that you push yourself past your own energetic limits in an effort to try to get further, accomplish more or check it off your list.

(Take a deep breath with me)


There is nothing wrong with you.

There’s no artificial agenda you need to superimpose on your one wild and precious life.

And you don’t need to have it all figured out before you begin.


It’s time.

To align yourself with the gently emerging light.

To steep in the wise and giving medicine of this season.


Because when you do this, you…

Free yourself from the unnecessary pressures you put on yourself and, with that weight lifted, anxiety eased. (Your words to yourself and your partner aren't so impatient.)

Deepen your trust in your own divine timing, and the mystery and beauty of creative cycles--especially your own. (You shower compassion on your self-doubt, and know that your website will get done when it gets done.)

Open to inspiration’s natural flow, cultivate sacred spaciousness, and find unexpected clarity. (You more easily adapt and recognize possibilities and opportunities as they arise—so you can pick up your brush the next time it calls your name.)


And not only this, you also gather support for all of your cycles of rebirth, healing and change.

You watch how beautifully and easily next steps present themselves when they're out from under the weight of false urgency, pre-judgement and external expectations.

And all of this in turn means more and more freedom from anxiety, shoulding and shame.

Into the Light was the gentle nourishment I needed. It allowed me to tend to my deepest self and open to what was next with self-compassion, fresh eyes and renewed energy.
— Brianna

Earth as teacher, mirror, healer & guide.

Welcome to this beautiful self-paced retreat.

I created this immersive experience to support you through this potent seasonal threshold, so you can open to what it has to teach you and how your own wisdom is ready to emerge.

An antidote to all of the messages that you just need to just try more and push harder and catch up.

And because I know it’s not always easy to create this sacred space for yourself.


Into the Light is a portal.

Into the Light is a four-part journey to help you enter into the deep and soak up the medicine of this season.

Each section includes:

Visual Immersion

  • A (silent, peaceful) video portal into the forest where winter is melting its way to spring, to help you enter into sacred space.

Written Reflections

  • Poetic words to wash over you, reflecting back the wise ways of Earth to help you widen your gaze and take in the lessons from your own landscape. to the and teachings to help your heart and mind enter in.

Journal Prompts

  • Soulful inquires to give your own wisdom space to emerge, to gently unfold, transform and deepen with the specific medicine of this season.


  • Potent reminders and mantras to use as touchstones. Cairns along the journey.

Healing Songs & Ceremony

  • Journeys and meditations, some with chickadee song and crow call, others with original chants or (and one with the soothing heartbeat of the drum).

This is amazing. Beautiful beyond words
— Christine
“I’ve never seen or experienced anything like this. You have an amazing gift for using the online world to connect with the real world.”
— Alisha

Steep in the wise and wild ways of Earth.

Doors have closed and we’re all snuggled up!

Tap here to be in the know for my next offering.


This is a four-part journey.

Each section flows into the next in a journey to ease your heart, deepen self trust and open wide to the inspiration that awaits.



Give your yearnings sacred space to be held. Let things unfold in their own divine timing.

TWo : Cleanse & Clarify

Let the fresh breeze & birdsong bring help you breathe a new life into being.

THREe : renew & reveal

Tap into your own deep desires to nourish your brave new becoming.

FOUR : the promise of dawn

Receive unconditional love and watch how an abundance of new possibilities emerge.

I suggest settings aside at least 20-30 minutes for each section. You can move through it all in a weekend, or divide it up however you like.

“Pure magic. I love your voice and the way you guide me back to what’s important. I made some discoveries I had no idea were waiting for me.”
— Carla


A note about accessing Into the Light

I have specially designed this as rich and lush immersive experience.

Into the Light is completely hosted online and, except for your initial access email, does not come by email.

Portal open through April 30. This is designed for this particular seasonal threshold. Next year, you’ll receive access again at no charge, and for as many years as I offer it. (You’ll be able to download all audio meditations.)

Laptop or desktop screen recommended. To access the full experience with video, mobile devices are not supported, so a laptop or desktop computer are recommended, using full screen view to minimize distractions.

Payment & Refunds Because this is an instant access, self-led online experience, there are no guaranteed outcomes and no refunds available.

You don’t have to have Celtic background or live in the Northern Hemisphere to receive this.

This is inspired by my own journey through the late winter in my Northland home (Dakota and Anishinaabe traditional lands also known as Minnesota), with the Celtic Medicine wheel as a touchstone and container.

However, you don’t need to still be under a blanket of snow, or have a Northern European background to be supported by this.

The beauty of exploring this juncture of the wheel in depth is that it shines light on all of our cycles—creative cycles, healing cycles, life cycles, relationship cycles and more.

So if you are anywhere in the world, from any background, experiencing the tenderness and uncertainty of pre-beginnings, then this is for you.

Questions? Feel free to send me a note hello@livsulerud.com


Steep in the wise and wild ways of Earth.

Doors have closed and we’re all snuggled up!

Tap here to be in the know for my next offering.


My perspective & background

Cultivating Earth relationship & Ancestral connection

My exploration with you of Earth as mirror, teacher and healer comes from my own relationship with the land and elements from living in the northern lands of the Northern Hemisphere—namely the boreal forests, oak savannas, deciduous woods and great prairies of the traditional lands of the Dakota and Anishinaabe peoples also known as Minnesota.

This is also interwoven with many years of exploration rooted in my Nordic, Germanic and Celtic ancestry. My studies of Celtic cosmology is the loose framework for my exploration of the medicine wheel, elements and directions.

My hope is that this will inspire you to deepen your own relationship with the land, elements, seasons, plants and animals wherever you live, and cultivate a relationship with your own ancestral traditions and ways.

honoring indigenous sovereignty

None of this is new.

All peoples once had an intimate, reciprocal, sacred relationship with Earth. And many still do and struggle to keep their lifeways and traditional wisdom and traditions alive. This includes the Dakota and Anishinabe peoples who were colonized, killed and displaced by my ancestors and who’s land I now occupy.

The appropriation and misuse of indigenous teachings for the benefit of mostly white people is one way in which colonization continues, and it’s my ongoing intention to unearth and untangle any ways I might be contributing to this.

Thank you for being in this with me.

Liv is a deep medicine woman...with gifts so needed by humanity at this time.
— Gigi Stafne, Master Herbalist

Hey there, I’m Liv.

Welcome courageous, tender-hearted one.

My name means “life” in Norwegian and sounds like “Leev Soo-la-rood”.

I’m a coach, teacher and mentor for highly sensitive souls who feel called to courageously step into a life beyond caregiving.

I help anyone with the experience of womanhood to deepen their intuitive knowing, tend to their vitality as a sacred responsibility, and cultivate relationships of depth and compassion while standing in their sovereignty.

Through my unique online courses, group coaching circle and one-on-one mentorships, I share what I’m learning on my ongoing journey from overthinking and over-giving to creative, intuitive, liberated living.

Curiosity, compassion and truth-speaking are at the core of my life and work and I’m here to walk this imperfect, ever unfolding, healing and revealing path with you.

Welcome. Thank you for being here.