What happens in nature happens in us.

: Online portal open February 2 - March 20 :


The world calls you into your next becoming.

YOur soul answers:

"Yes, but not yet."

"I know the what, but I don't know the how.

I feel the need, but the answer eludes me.

I know it's possible, but nothing seems clear.

I have an idea, but I'm not ready.

I want to begin, but I feel behind and too late."


Our winter rest has turned to wrestling.

The sun begins to arc a bit higher in the sky.

And as we inch our way out of the deepest dark of the year, we feel the stirring both within and without.

The promise of light and renewal calls us out from our hunkered down stance, yet the steady blanket of winter is still heavy and holding.

We are the bear cubs and mother curled together in their den, nuzzling and demanding, stretching and asking, only to go back to sleep for a good long while.


In the Celtic wheel of the year, as we journey from Imbolc to Spring Equinox, we stand at the sacred threshold of the East.

Our senses are heightened and ready to receive the promise of that first light, the shimmer of inspiration, the light of compassion.

The lungs of our spirit yearn for the deepest most cleansing breath to usher us out of our cave of quiet and deep transformation.

We are in the waiting, the yearning, the hope, and sometimes frustration, of the pre-dawn darkness.




The East brings us the healing medicine to be found in the tension of yes-but-not-yet.

the magical moment between nothing and something.

She's here to remind us that the friction we feel is fuel for the fire of transformation, the spark of inspiration, the impetus for renewal.

She asks us to do the real work--the unwinding, the refining, the humility and self-trust required to make way for the freshness we seek. 

And just as the sun rises for each of us without discrimination, she is the one who shows us how to bask in the abundance of compassion, and how to trust that there's enough for everyone.



Mostly, you and I, we resist the tension of this time.

It's uncomfortable and full of unknowns.

And it's easy to feel isolated as we try to navigate this particular passage.

But you're not alone.


This journey is for you if you're feeling any of these things...

  • Confusion + indecision
  • Restlessness + frustration regarding next steps for your life, work, relationships
  • Weighed down + antsy at the same time
  • Feeling behind, too late
  • Rampant "shoulding" of yourself and others
  • Perfectionism preventing daily tasks from getting done
  • Defensiveness + anger without a clear reason or aim
  • Isolation + loneliness
  • Shallow breathing
  • Feeling stuck
  • Feeling inadequate; not _______ enough
  • Stale old stories appearing and replaying, that no longer serve or support you
  • Grasping due to a sense of scarcity (of time, resources, inspiration)
  • Feeling selfish for wanting something different for yourself or your life




Together, let's steep our hearts in the medicine of the East.

Let's open the ears of our soul to her messages:

Frustration is your ally.

You're not too late.

Trust Inspiration and its mysterious ways.

Nothing brings clarity like compassion.


Welcome to this four-part journey.

This is a self-paced retreat.

In this experience, you can choose to immerse yourself in a mini retreat, moving through it as a four-day journey, one day a week over the next month, or however fits best for you before March 21 when the portal closes.

  • ONE: Wrestle + Rest: Frustration as sacred ally

  • TWO: Cleanse + Clarify: Seeing with light behind your eyes

  • THREE: Breath + Becoming: Trusting in emergence

  • FOUR: The Dawn of Compassion: Enough for everyone



Each part includes...

Visual Immersion

  • A silent video portal into the fresh light, breeze and breath that bring you in tune and in touch with the medicine of the East. A threshold to pause, reflect, and be transported.

Written Reflections

  • Poetic words to wash over you, lessons steeped in the medicine of the East, and teachings to help your heart and mind enter in.

Journal Prompts

  • Questions and nudges to help you unfold, transform and deepen with the specific medicine of this season.

Healing Song & Ceremony

  • A healing image and audio recording with chickadee song and crow call, original chants, story-songs, and healing blessings with rattle and drum.




What happens when you tap the button below...

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Kind words about these healing seasonal journeys...


“I’ve never seen or experienced anything like this. You have an amazing gift for using the online world to connect with the real world.”
— Alisha
Liv is a deep medicine woman...with gifts so needed by humanity at this time.
— Gigi Stafne, Master Herbalist
I’ve never experienced anything like this online. So peaceful. So rich with meaning and aspects of seasonal energy and changes that I never thought about before. Thank you.
— Layla
You understand me so well. I can feel you speaking directly to me. I love what I’m discovering along the way. Thank you.
— Felicia
This is amazing. Beautiful beyond words
— Christine
“Pure magic. I love your voice and the way you guide me back to what’s important. I made some discoveries I had no idea were waiting for me.”
— Carla


A note about accessing Into the Light...

I have specially designed this as rich and lush immersive experience.

It is completely hosted online and, except for your initial access email, does not come by email.

This is specifically intended to tap into the power and energy of this seasonal threshold, so the online portal will close and material will no longer be available after March 21.

To access the full experience with video, mobile devices are not supported, so a laptop or desktop computer are recommended, using full screen view.


Payment & Refunds

This is an instant access, beautiful immersive online experience. There are no guaranteed outcomes with this self-led course and no refunds available. If you're uncertain, take a sneak peek here

Questions? Feel free to send me a note. xo


My heart is soft.

My name means "life" and sounds like "leave".

My soul longs for the full expression, sovereignty, and sacred unfolding of every sensitive being.

My work is here to serve anyone who identifies with and/or yearns for healing and deepening of the sacred feminine.

I'm an ally and guide for other empathic hearts, helping them live, love and work in alignment with their souls.

Thank you for being here.

With you,
xo Liv (she/her)