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About Liv.


And I believe tender hearts are naturally resilient.

My deepest joy is guiding other sensitive souls into lives of sacred sovereignty, deep contentment and gentle leadership.

Drawing from the wisdom of the Sacred Feminine and the medicine of the Earth, my work is in service to individual and collective liberation, particularly for those who've experienced the cultural conditioning that accompanies the identity of woman, trans and/or non-binary.

I equip empaths to become highly skilled sensitives through Sovereignty Sessions and my group program, The Wild Empath, guide gentle leaders and healers to bridge their work into the online realm through Website Coaching, and offer ritual healing sessions in my cozy studio in Minneapolis.

Thank you for being here.

xo Liv (she/her)

P.S. My name is pronounced “Leave SOO-ler-ood”. (Liv means "life" in Norwegian :)