Hello brave one,

You're on a wild journey.

Not to become someone else--but to be more you.

You yearn for sovereignty:

To feel both deeply connected and fiercely free.

You want your "yes's" and "no's" to align with your soul.

You want to be able to make requests and set boundaries (without feeling demanding).

You want to reclaim your time, space and energy (without feeling selfish).

You want relationships (in family, love and work) to be deeply nourishing and easeful, without being tainted with obligation or resentment.



Sometimes, your caring still feels like carrying.

You're so good at it--sensing others' needs, peace making and problem solving--that it's difficult to depart from what you know so well.

But you also know that continuing in this way will be detrimental to your health, your relationships, your life and your work.

You know you need to do things differently.


The beautiful thing is, your heart is familiar with the cycles of releasing, healing and rebirth.

You've already been practicing--strengthening this muscle of resilience and self trust.

But this doesn't mean it's easy or comfortable to step into the next turn of the wheel, the next round of transformation.

Inevitably, every initiation begins with discomfort.

It's a necessary pressure that builds in order to help you become your next shape.

It may come to you as confusion, dissatisfaction, longing or grief (mixed with excitement, hope, and a sense of growing power within).


When you feel this and decide it's time, I'm here to be your ally, your guide, your soul's gentle companion.

When new challenges cloud your vision and you feel like you've got it all wrong ("I'm not allowed to do this", "I must be crazy"), I'm here with fresh eyes and tender words.

When change and growth inevitably trigger old stories and patterns (The need to be perfect, to have it all figured out, to not be too ____), I'm here to guide you back to your own knowing.

And I'm here to witness and celebrate your brave new becoming.


Nothing about this journey is perfect.

And though it feels like very few, if anyone, understands this journey, you're not meant to do it alone.


Like you, I've walked this rugged path of reclaiming.

Sometimes, I feel like I'm breaking all the rules.

This is revolutionary work after all.

To simply trust myself instead of trying to take care of everyone and figure everything out.

To flow with my own divine timing instead of pushing, striving and "shoulding".

To be a woman making choices based on her own desires, rather than external expectations and obligations.

To find freedom in the sacred and wild feminine, and my own intuitive knowing.


Each step has taken all of my courage.

Each has unearthed my deepest personal wounds, and shined a light on collective and cultural traumas that have long held me back and weighed me down.

Each layer shed has gripped me with the fear of losing some aspect of my identity and, with it, belonging.

And each cycle of deepening has taught me how to better tend to my own heart, protect and harness my energy, and bring my gifts to a world that needs them.

I don't have all the answers, but I'm right here, with you.


Let me help you lighten your load.

Let me help you make requests and set boundaries in a way that aligns with your empathic heart.

Let me help you reclaim, cultivate and protect your energy.

I can already see your life blooming with ease and delight.

Or, ready to enter in?

What does a Sovereignty Session look like?


  • We connect by phone, Skype, or meet in person in Minneapolis.
  • Intuitive Guidance. Connecting and conversation. (about 45-60 minutes)
  • Healing visionary journeying or meditation - integrated as needed or requested (about 10-15 minutes)
  • Energy work & Healing Ritual - for Studio Sessions only (about 15 minutes)

My heart is soft.

My name means "life" and sounds like "leave".

My soul yearns for the full expression, sovereignty, and sacred unfolding of every sensitive being.

My work is here to serve anyone who identifies with, and yearns for healing and deepening of, the sacred feminine.

I'm an ally and guide for other empathic hearts who yearn to live, love and work in alignment with their souls.

Thank you for being here.

With you,
xo Liv

Liv is a deep medicine woman...with gifts so needed by humanity at this time.
— Gigi Stafne, Master Herbalist
I first found Liv through her healing words. They became a respite for me, my favorite emails to open. Something in her voice made me feel both comforted and empowered.

I still remember from my first session with her she said:

”There’s nothing you need to know ahead of time or have figured out before we start working together.”

This was a huge weight lifted for me I didn’t even know I was carrying. And this captures so much of what it feels like to work with Liv.

I am forever grateful.
— Lisa
Working with Liv is always inspiring and I look forward to each session with much anticipation.

I see Liv like a guide, or like my champion. She helps me see situations in my life through new lenses and from different perspectives. She gives me permission to be honest with myself about what I want to do in and with my life.

And she always sends me home with very inspiring and practical tools to use at home to help me further define who I am and what I want to be doing to bring myself joy every day.

I would recommend that every woman who sometimes struggles with questions about who they are, why they are here, and what they can do each day to better answer those questions for themselves, would benefit from the gentle guidance and insights that Liv provides.
— Kristin
The way I relate to every person in my life has changed from my work with Liv.

She has the unique gift of speaking to your heart in the most compassionate way, while also not letting you off the hook.

She will be your fiercest advocate to make the choices and changes you need in your life, while also finding a way that is gentle and works for you.

As Liv say’s, “There are no shoulds!”
— Nancy
Your healing visionary journeys have been most amazing and surprising; they contribute to my healing and well-being in a way I could not have imagined. I feel the swirl of “true knowing” when my thinking mind lets my intuitive mind go for a walk.

I feel nurtured and understood on a deep spiritual level. There is genuine acceptance of my journey and this encourages me to be fully who I am.

You listen. You really listen. I feel like you are a member of my ancient clan.
— Meg
From our very first session I felt immediately safe with you.

As I opened up and showed up more vulnerably, I was deeply touched by your level of care, authenticity, empathy, and your own wisdom and intuition.
— Regula

Meditation doesn’t come easily to me, but following your voice, I’m able to travel down a path of exploration that feels so real and so mysterious at the same time.

These have been beautiful, but what I appreciate most about you is your attentiveness, and the way you’ve helped me see more clearly what wasn’t working in my life, and helped me realize that I could change it!
— Jean