This is a time of great turning.

As energy gathers toward Winter Solstice, all life is slowing down.

Everywhere there are reminders--the creek turns to ice, the animals disappear into their burrows, and the birds retreat south.

You can feel your body aching for rest, your tummy craving soups and stews, and your soul longing to sit by the fire for a good long while.

You cannot deny this pull.


At the same time you feel our human structures moving at full steam ahead.

Expectations and activity seem to ramp up instead of slow down. 

Family needs, social gatherings, work and traditions you either love or loath (or both) gather and build into a frenzied mess culminating at the end of the year, just when you're most yearning for peace, for real connection, for deep nourishment.

You feel scattered when you want to feel centered.

You feel maxed out already, and the holidays haven't even begun.

You wonder if the Solstice will feel meaningful, or busy and rushed as it has in years past. 


Come along with me.

It is possible to sink into the coziness and comfort you crave.

You have the innate capacity to surrender to the mystery and intuitive space this season provides.

Your instincts are attuned to the medicine of this seasonal shift, and I know you're ready to enter more deeply into the wonder of it all.

This is what I’ve been yearning for.
Your words (written and spoken and sung) have a way of opening awareness and creating profound comfort where I need it most.
— Nicole


You're not alone.

Coming together is one of the best ways to nourish your inner fire as the season gets colder.

Together, we'll delve into just how powerful the natural energies of this season are, and how they support us in getting what we especially need at this time.

We'll create sacred space and sink into calming meditations that nourish us and cultivate peace and comfort.

And we'll explore practices, rituals, and shifts of heart and mind that will help you fall in love with this season in a whole new way.

(And I'll share with you my favorite, much requested, made-from-scratch chai recipe.)


Mama Earth is slowing down, and so can you.

And when you do, you not only feel the relief of being aligned with Earth's energy, you also...

  • Clarify and choose what's soul-nourishing for you and gently let go of what's depleting you.

  • Create a sense of spaciousness and sacred connection, even when you're busy.

  • Deepen your intuition and your relationship with the natural wisdom of this season.


The Cozy Quiet was the perfect guide to help me stay connected to the Earth’s rhythms, and to listen to my own rhythms too (and to not get as overstretched as I have in years past).
— Carol


 Welcome to The Cozy Quiet.

Together we’ll explore…

: What happens in nature happens in us :

The winter landscape is fierce and reminds us that we're not in control, but we do have a choice.

As your energy wanes and the light fades, what will you choose to surrender and prioritize this season? What will you say "no" to so you can say "yes" to your soul?


: Slowing down in body + soul :

Water condenses, the animals retreat, and so do we.

We'll take small simple steps together to help you find more rest, free up emotional and mental energy and find your way into the spaciousness of the sacred in-between.


: Saying "yes" to the cozy season :

In this journey, we take coziness seriously.

It's what our bodies require on a primal level, and it's what we yearn for all season long, but rarely give ourselves enough. So here we'll set our intentions and put them into practice gathering what we need and building our own sacred nests.


: Intuition & Intention :

Our intuition naturally strengthens as the dark deepens.

With the support of the Sacred Feminine, we'll move into mystical meditative space and reconnect with personal symbols and stories that become especially potent as protectors and companions at this time of year.



The Cozy Quiet Materials

Reflections will be sent daily by email December 1-21, linked to a portal of resources including videos and downloadable audio meditations.


5 Video Reflections

10-15 minutes long. Inspiring and healing, these videos will help connect you with the natural powers of the season, and give you ideas to begin practicing in your life.


3 Guided Meditations

These audio files can be downloaded and accessed whenever you need them, and will help you sink into the presence, nourishment and magic of your sacred imagination, so potent at this time of year.


7 Deepening + Practicing Days

On days without video or meditations, you'll receive a special selection of rituals, practices, journalling prompts and recipes to feed your intentions and keep you connected.


5 Breathing + Resting days

Every 4-5 days we'll have a bit of breathing room (with no new material) to integrate and enjoy what we're exploring together.


Community + Connection

Optional sharing through Instagram: We'll utilize the personal nature of Instagram to share how we're deepening and transforming our relationship with the season, gathering together with #thecozyquiet.

I know. You're worried you won't have time.

I've designed this especially for you.


I've created this to be simple and accessible.

Through The Cozy Quiet, my intention is to offer companionship and sweet reminders of what's possible.

This is for you even, and especially, if you're busy.

This journey is more about intention, and less about time.

Just tapping in for a few minutes a day--reading a few lines, or listening to a meditation may be all you need to get what you are longing for during this time. 

This is a path of allowance and nourishment. There are no "shoulds" here.


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It's time.

Align your life with the the turning of the Earth.

Ready to begin?


Scholarship rates available for Black & Indigenous WOC, and transgender and non-binary folks. Just end me a note here.

There's a more gentle way.

No rush. No shoulds.


There are no rules you have to follow here.

There isn't a "right" way.

We need so much gentleness as we make efforts to slow down in a fast world.

We're not aiming for perfection, we're cultivating compassion.

I believe that whatever you absorb from this journey is perfect for you right now.

You may watch every video, listen to every meditation, and do every practice and ritual, or maybe only a few here and there.

Trust in your own divine timing.

We're all on a journey to find the medicine we most need (and I'm so glad we're in this together).

This is exactly what I needed. I love this time of year, but it can also be stressful. Your meditations helped me go to the deep place I was craving, and I felt like I had a gentle companion guiding me and keeping me connected to myself.
— Amanda

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No refund are available, given the digital nature of this course.

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Let's begin.

Align your life with the the turning of the Earth.

Ready to enter in?


Scholarship rates available for Black & Indigenous WOC, and transgender and non-binary folks. Just end me a note here.

About Liv


And I believe tender hearts are naturally resilient.

My deepest joy is guiding other sensitive souls into lives of sacred sovereignty, deep contentment and gentle leadership.

Drawing from the wisdom of the Sacred Feminine and the medicine of the Earth, my work is in service to individual and collective liberation, particularly for those who've experienced the cultural conditioning that accompanies the identity of woman, trans and/or non-binary.

I equip empaths to become highly skilled sensitives through Sovereignty Sessions and my group program, The Wild Empath, guide gentle leaders and healers to bridge their work into the online realm through Website Coaching, and offer ritual healing sessions in my cozy studio in Minneapolis.

Thank you for being here.

xo Liv (she/her)

P.S. My name is pronounced “Leave SOO-ler-ood”. (Liv means "life" in Norwegian :)