You don't want to share it with just anyone.

Nurturing the pulsing heart of your life’s work, and trying create a website that aligns with it is deeply personal.

It's vulnerable.

But it's also lonely spending months working on it all on your own.


Here's the thing: Creating an online portal is an initiation.

For empaths and healers, website work is soul work.

Creating my own website and working with other healers to do the same has taught me this:

The journey to unveil a website is your own path of healing.

It brings up your deepest doubts about yourself and your work, which means it’s a necessary and powerful opportunity for growth.

So coming up against resistance is natural.

I would even say it’s necessary in order for the next true iteration of your work to emerge.

But you don’t have to do it alone.


Your website isn’t something you can just force yourself to “get done”.

It’s not something you “should have figured out by now”.

It’s not something you have to wrestle with all by yourself.

And it’s definitely not something you need to be embarrassed about.

Instead, when you approach it as the transformative portal it is, the energy shifts and the weight lifts.

When you know that self doubt and confusion are a natural part of the process, the way ,forward actually becomes more clear.

When you realize that wrestling with the details is an indicator that your inner terrain needs attention, you’re on the right track.


And, when you get the support you need, you’re able to:

  • Hone your vision and clarify next steps for the work you love

  • Show up authentically online, without feeling energetically drained and overexposed

  • Naturally connect with the ones you’ve been longing for

And you’re finally able to create a beautiful online home that speaks from your soul (and you can't wait to share).

You have a gorgeous gift dear Liv.

You hear, observe and feel information on a very intuitive and subtle level, which helped me tremendously in figuring out what I really wanted.

The result is a website that truly speaks from my heart.
— Regula Badertscher, Holistic Psychotherapist


Create a business & website that reflects your tender heart, in a way that honors it too.

Hone your Vision for your work

How do you sort out what you love to do, from what you think you should do?

We'll find where your soul is most at home and how to move forward with both clarity and room to expand.

Align with your People

Who are you here to help and how can you help them most?

Craft offerings that connect with hearts of the ones you love to serve. I’ll help you learn to welcome and invite with warmth and resonance, instead of feeling overwhelmed and cringing about “marketing”.

Bring your soul to your Business & Brand

How do you craft your design & offerings in a way that feels like you?

Discover your unique brand identity to bring ease and continuity to your offerings, your design decisions (choosing images, fonts and flow) and beyond.

Write to Connect

What's getting in between you and what you really want to say?

Cultivate resonance and relationship with a website that flows naturally. We'll untangle the brambles and simplify all of your writing tasks, figure out what pages you actually need, and you’ll get my eyes, expertise and feedback all along the way.


Receive business guidance from someone who understands.


Hand selected tips & tools

How do you choose an online scheduler, payment processor or other things you might need?

Instead of wasting hours or days searching the internet, you can take advantage of my experience tracking down the platforms and tools that work for sensitive ones like you and me.

support for Decisions & Details

How do you make all-important decisions about your business so you can move forward?

I’ll help you figure out how to set your rates (and move through all the feelings that come up), and how to set your schedule, and navigate other details so you can take your next steps.

Holistic & Compassionate Goal Setting

How do you set goals, yet also make space for the ever-changing needs of your sweet soul?

I’m here to help keep you accountable to yourself and your soul’s calling, not some predetermined destination. And I’m here to pour on loads of compassion and give gentle direction to help guide you back to your own wisdom again and again.

I had a vague idea of the type of website and “brand” that I wanted to create for myself but felt overwhelmed with the idea of figuring it out alone.

Working with Liv helped me to clarify who my audience is, what my goals are, and how best to authentically share myself with my prospective clients.

I absolutely LOVE how my website’s feeling and coming together. I couldn’t have put this out into the world without your guidance.
— Kristin Blake, Licensed Acupuncturist


As a sensitive one, your work is your life’s work.

And your online portal is a sacred gateway.

As a tender empathic heart myself, I understand the joys and challenges of this intimately, and I’m here to support and guide you through both.

I know what it’s like to not feel ready and afraid to be seen, to feel behind before you’ve even begun, to feel like an imposter, to feel overwhelmed by too many options and to feel embarrassed when everyone else who seems to have it all figured out.

So while I’m helping you with the tangible details of your business, I’ll also be guiding you through challenges and fears as they come up.

The result is a website that aligns with your soul.

But not only that.

It’s a clarified vision for your unique and needed work in the world.

And a deeper sense of self trust (and tangible skills) for each next step you take.

It’s time to take your next sacred step.

Even more ways I can help.

Cultivate an online presence in a way that resonates with your tender heart.

Soulful Media Guidance

Make peace with social media--in a way that feels like you.

If you have conflicting feelings about social media, I completely understand. As someone who avoided an online presence for years, I now use it only in ways that align with who I am. I firmly believe there is nothing you have to do here. And, if you choose to dip your toe in, I'd love to help you find your own beautiful way.

Online Course Creation

Excited to create a beautiful experience and share your unique voice?

I'll share with you my favorite tools I've used in my several years of creating unique online journeys. Finding what works for you and helps you gently stretch into your next layer of growth (without overwhelming you) is key.

I can help with everything from clarifying your ideas to proofreading to helping it all flow.

Squarespace Introduction & Tutorials

If you're ready for a fresh start, I highly recommend Squarespace for it's ease of use, beautiful templates and amazing customer support.

My familiarity with and love of this platform means I can give you an introduction, tutorials, more specific hands-on design help, plus an extended free trial and discount on your first year!

Before we begin working together, I'll send you a questionnaire so you can determine what's comfortable and best for you: stay with what you have, or begin something completely new.

I help creative healers and sensitive creators, & quiet leaders...

  • Realign the focus of their work to match their evolving path

  • Elevate their website to match new level of expertise and experience, or

  • Begin a new online venture, perhaps transitioning from another field.


About Website Coaching

  • We meet for 90 minutes and connect by phone, Skype, or in person in Minneapolis.

  • Individual sessions are $139. (Packages are also available at a discounted rate, with the additional advantage of having hands-on support and email feedback between sessions. We’ll talk about these options during your free consultation.)

  • If you identify as BIPOC and/or transgender or non-binary, please contact me here for scholarship rates.

  • In these sessions, I draw from all of my best tools to support you, including intuitive guidance and coaching, website design, copywriting feedback, online course creation, as well as energy work, healing ritual and guided journeying.




How do we meet? We connect by phone (US), Skype (international - audio only). In-person meetings are an option in Minneapolis.

Can you design my website for me? I'm currently not offering full website design. However, through these sessions, I can offer my expertise and ideas gathered from years of experience with my own Squarespace website and many others.

Can you write my website for me? I'm currently not offering copywriting either :) I know writing can be overwhelming and I'm here to help with specific guidance to simplify all of your writing tasks, plus give feedback, ideas and suggestions to help your words resonate with you and your people.

Can you help me if I hate technology and am completely overwhelmed? These sessions work best for empaths and creatives who have some excitement and interest in the website creation process and a basic comfortability with learning to use online tools (even if this is mixed with frustration). In this process, you do the work, and I am here to guide, support and offer specific and effective tools and direction.

I'm not a sensitive-healer-type, can I still work with you? These website coaching sessions are specifically for empaths, sensitives, quiet leaders and modern day healers. And by modern day healer I mean anyone doing transformative work, even if it's in an alternative setting such as education or the arts.

Have another question? Just send me a note.



About Liv.


And I believe tender hearts are naturally resilient.

My deepest joy is guiding other sensitive souls into lives of sacred sovereignty, deep contentment and gentle leadership.

Drawing from the wisdom of the Sacred Feminine and the medicine of the Earth, my work is in service to individual and collective liberation, particularly for those who've experienced the cultural conditioning that accompanies the identity of woman, trans and/or non-binary.

I equip empaths to become highly skilled sensitives through Sovereignty Sessions and my group program, The Wild Empath, guide gentle leaders and healers to bridge their work into the online realm through Website Coaching, and offer ritual healing sessions in my cozy studio in Minneapolis.

Thank you for being here.

xo Liv (she/her)

P.S. My name is pronounced “Leave SOO-ler-ood”. (Liv means "life" in Norwegian :)